Five Things You Should Say to Family & Friends Before You Die

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone you know, but you just didn’t? Do you remember how it felt when someone you cared about passed? You may be burdened to connect with certain family and friends. Here are some things you should say before it’s too late.

We all are going to die one day.  However, just because for some of us it seems like a long time away, it doesn’t have to be.  What would you say to the relative, friend or even stranger you see once in awhile or pass everyday if you knew you were going to die soon?  Is there a feeling going on inside of you that is not at peace?  Do you find yourself fighting the pain within that someone else put there from childhood? 

The following are some things you might want to say to those individuals who you care about or seem to  burden you to make your peace before your Creator closes the chapter of your life.

One.  “I apologize.”

Whether you know you did something or you didn’t.  Make a point to converse with loved ones by simply telling them, “If there is anything I have done that has hurt you, I apologize.”

Two.  “Forgive me.”

Usually this phrase goes along with “I apologize,” but sometimes it doesn’t.  You may have already told this person or people “I apologize” years ago, but you may be unsure whether they have ever forgiven you for the past.  There is nothing wrong with finding out for your own peace of mind or better yet just say, “I know that I have done some things over the years that has caused problems for you.  I know you said it’s all over, in the past, (or water under the bridge) but I just need to know that you have forgiven me.”

Three.  “I still love you.”

You just don’t know how much this means to a parent, a sibling, a best friend or anyone else who once held the key to your heart, but over the years trials, distance, or other things got in the way of your relationship.  If you know you still love this person, say so.  However, never say this to someone who you have long divorced or broken up with, it will only open up old wounds.

Four.  “Would you like for me to help you?”

One of the last memories that people recall once someone has passed is when their loved one helped them.  Whether it was a simple task like washing the dishes or a bigger task like helping them move, whatever the duty it meant alot.  So ask those you care about, “Would you like for me to help you?”

Five.  “Let’s go out.”

Now a simple invite will do wonders for someone who hasn’t seen you in awhile.  However, this statement could backfire if you don’t follow through with your invite.  Sometimes people promise over and over again that they will spend time with one another, only to be taken off this planet never fulfilling what they had said.  Don’t leave your relative or friend wishing, plan the time together soon rather than later.

Now that you have five positive things to do to free your mind, make peace and a lifetime impact on that relative or friend you care about, start making plans today!  God bless!

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