Famous Middle Children

Middle children have the reputation of being introverts. However, there are many celebrities and politicians who have made a name for themselves who are middle children.

Middle children of the family often times feel overlooked and not loved enough, despite how much love and attention is sent their way. Studies have shown that older and younger children tend to be more outgoing, while the middle child tends to be more introverted. For households with three or more children, the parents are very well aware of the “Middle Child Syndrome.” In addition to the love you shower the middle child – and your other children – every day of the year, create an all-day celebration dedicated to that middle child on Middle Child’s Day on August 12 and remind your middle children of the famous middle children throughout history and in today’s pop culture. Here are a few.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts has an older brother, Eric, and a younger sister, Lisa. Since the ‘80s, Julia Roberts has been seen on the big screen in such hits as Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Erin Brockovich, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill and Ocean’s Eleven. She has been named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” 11 times. In 2001, Ladies Home Journal ranked her as the 11th most powerful woman in America, ahead of Condoleezza Rice and former first lady, Laura Bush.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates has two sisters, one older and one younger. His current net worth is $56 billion. He is best known as being the co-founder of Microsoft, which was founded in 1975. He also founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the largest transparently operated charitable foundation in the world. In 2007, Bill and Melinda Gates were the second-most generous philanthropists in America, having given over $28 billion to charity. Bill Gates was number one on the Forbes 400 list from 1993 to 2007 and number one on the Forbes list of the World’s Richest People from 1995 to 2008 and 2009.

Madonna – no last name needed – is a recording artist, actress and entrepreneur. She is the third of six children from the same two parents. Madonna released her debut album in 1983, and she has been known for pushing boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music. Some of her number one hits include “Like a Virgin,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Like a Prayer” and “Vogue.” She also had a starring role in the 1996 movie Evita. She has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and is recognized as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness World Records. Madonna was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 and is considered to be one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in the Past Century by Time magazine.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump is the middle child of five children. He is the chairman and president of the Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which operates a number of casinos and hotels worldwide. In addition to his real estate empire, Donald Trump is known for his extravagant lifestyle and outspoken behavior. He is also the face behind the NBC reality show, The Apprentice. His current net worth is $2.7 billion.

Other notable middle children include the 41st U.S. president, George H.W. Bush, the 14th Dalai Lama, the 3th U.S. president, John F. Kennedy, Ernest Hemingway and Warren Buffet.

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