Family Breakdown: Causes and Consequences

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Распад семьи

Family disintegration – it’s always a lot of stress for both spouses, no matter how long or continue the relationship, and whoever was responsible for their termination. But you can always recover from this loss and begin to live again. How to survive the disintegration of the family, to cope with depression and begin a new happy life?
Natural fears

First you need to take the disintegration of the family as a fact. The family no longer exists. It is clear that the first time this thought can cause pain, confusion. The woman often feels fear as their future and the future of their child. It’s all natural feelings of every woman. But there are several ways to understand what life with the collapse of marriage is not over, and each woman has the opportunity to build a happy future.
Exit emotions

First you need to give vent to his emotions. The woman is not obliged to be strong and to hide their emotions. You can not have that family breakdown does not touch people emotionally. Emotional distress that a woman is experiencing at the time of divorce, the natural and normal. Therefore, every woman has the right to cry, cry, and even hysterical.
Communication with loved ones

It is not necessary in such a difficult situation to turn away from friends and relatives. On the contrary, it is useful to listen to their relatives and listen to their views on the situation. Well as to communicate with those of his friends who have experienced similar. Nothing helps in difficult situations as a heart-to-heart talk with loved ones.
Without alcohol

You can not try to drown out the pain taking alcoholic drinks. Statistics show that over half of women become alcoholics just after a divorce. Therefore, we must find things that will get rid of oppressive thoughts. This lesson should be fun and joy, and be interesting. For example, you can do dances go in for sports. If it is not a pet – not bad to start it. Pet very well help to relieve stress.
Father and children

One must not forget in a difficult situation for their children. In fact, that the children in the decay of the family left without a father – the most difficult aspect of the problem of family breakdown. So do not forget that ex-husband – and even father children together. That’s why you should not prevent contact between the children with their father. It must be understood and that the father carries some responsibilities towards their children. He has not ceased to be a parent after family breakdown. That’s why he should not only communicate with their children, but also help financially. Children will need to explain the reason for divorce. You can not speak. Should be able to find the words that the child will understand the basis of his age. Need to explain that in a divorce no one to blame, just the circumstances. Particularly difficult problem perceive teenagers. And the older the child becomes, the easier it survive parents’ divorce.
New Life

When, after the divorce has already passed for some time, it’s time to start thinking about their future. It sometimes happens that a few months after the collapse of marriage, women continue to live in the past. This is incorrect. We must find the strength to focus on. What’s happening in the present. Of course, not necessarily trying to destroy all the memories of the marriage. But remember you need only a good, aware of that. What is the past, which did not return. Yes, it was good, but should move on. And then there will be even better. It is not necessary, and run themselves. After a divorce, need to look as good as before. Be sure to allow time for relaxation and entertainment. If at least occasionally to visit interesting places for recreation, increase the chance to meet new interesting acquaintances.

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