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A family that prays together, stays together.

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The more,  the merrier ! This line holds true to most  Asian family . Asian family are the family oriented people. Family first is always in the mind no matter what it cost.  

Married children still under the roof of parents. Children of legal age , working even same , still in parents side.

Niece and nephews , in laws , grandma and grandpa in one household only  , this is what we call as Extended Family. It’s a unique practice. Western don’t have it , at an early age 18 , children are given the permission to live separately ,teaching them independence and liberalization. But we Asians don’t practice that. We are closely knotted ,bonded , family is so sacred ! One for all , all for one through thick and thin family sticks together.

Having an extended family gave both an advantage as well as disadvantage. Advantage because  such practice yields to unity of family ,.cooperation, values inculcation . Like when elders are around , grandma and grandpa or Auntie and uncle ,they can helped in taking care of little children who are left at home  so parents can work peacefully. Another emotional support  ,one can draw strength from the other in lowest time…a pat , a touch or even just being their to listen and comfort. Also , if our old are within our reach , care would be given to them and family would not be bothered to think as to condition of their folks. If all are living together though so noisy ,  if happiness and joy can be seen  to everybody eyes then there’s a sense of fulfillment to the bread winner of the family. The joy existing in a family can never be bought . its indescribable..

But on the other hand, it gives so many disadvantages also. One is , it would make one lazy , it will become a mindset to some members that no need to work harder any way dad or mom , or aunt and uncle does having a good salaries , financial support is always there. Second is in an extended family , independence is never taught.That’s why children are still so dependent  in all their needs even to emotion ,  so dependent can’t make a stand and can’t make sound judgment because parents or elders is always there for back ups. Extended family yields less productive individuals ,don’t have that determination to fight and succeed because in their mind some other people  will do it for them. Lastly. having extended family there’s this less privacy , because all seems would like to meddle to all issues  , all things around this now disallow for immediate family to solve and seat down issues by themselves. Can’t work out on issues now because all are giving opinions though unsolicited , and the pain and trouble here is one has to listen and accept the opinion of others else they would feel sad and now it will only ignite trouble

Having extended family  is good if that type of family is financially stable but then if not i guess it would only make all life more miserable.


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  1. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. (Lilo n’ Stitch)

  2. I think one major disadvantage of extended family especially those with growing kids is a possible conflict in having role models amoung the older members of the family. This happens because of diversities in the personalities of the members.

  3. interesting article, I am clicking on 10 ^_^

  4. Wonderful article

  5. They do have some extended families in the U.S….that are very close.
    Also, an Aunt or Uncle is not only the sibling of ones Mother or Father, an Aunt or Uncle is also the spouse, of one’s sibling, Aunt or Uncle to their children.

  6. God article:)

  7. Correction: Good

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