Every Child is Special

Sermon Outline from1 Samuel 1:21-28.


            Rearing up a child is such a laborious yet fulfilling task. Many would regretfully say, “I am better off without this child.” Many would also say gratefully, “I am proud with my son.” The child’s character depends on how he is reared by his parents. Thus, parents must treat every child as special so that he will grow into a better person. What are the reasons that parents must treat every child special? These are the reasons why every child must be treated special.

  1. A child is a gift from God (21-24)


A.   Must be received with gratefulness (1 Tim. 4:4-5; Mark 9:37)

B.   Must be nurtured with love (Colossians 3:21)

C.   Must be given with the basic needs (Mark 7:27)

1.    Education

2.    Food and Clothing

3.    Shelter

4.    Spirituality

  1. A child is a gift for God (24-28)


A.   Must be nurtured according to God’s standards (Proverbs 22:6)

1.    Daily devotion (1 Cor. 7:35)

2.    Consistent prayer life (Jude 20)

3.    Right attitude (Proverbs 20:11)

B.   Must be offered back to God (1 Samuel 1:28)

1.    To serve God (1 Samuel 3:19-21)

2.    To minister to His people (John 6:9)


            Thus, we must be thankful for God has given us the privilege to become parents. We must treat every child as special because he is a manifestation of God’s greater blessing to His people.

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