Do You Bring Home Work Stress?

It’s been said work and home are inseparable but separate. They are together but they should not mix. Then, the inevitable happens. You’ve got a serious problem in the office or your business that has not been resolved. So you bring this problem home.

Work is where you establish your mechanism for living. It is the means and the venue for you and your family’s survival.

Home isn’t just a roof over your head. It is your sanctuary, your place of comfort and peace, your refuge from the stress of work or business. It is the place where you and your family, the main reason for your working, are nestled. It is your seat of enjoyment and fulfillment. 

When you bring work and its accompanying stress home, you create a disturbance in your work-life balance. You do not only eat into family time; you disarrange the equilibrium that exists between the two. Given that time is not equally allocated (we spend 8am – 6pm at work and 6-7 am and 7-9 pm at home awake, the rest sleeping or traveling), the presence of work stress pervading the tranquility of the domestic setting is a double wham. 

But what if you cannot avoid bringing work stress home? Here are suggestions for keeping the balance:

  1. Communicate. Nothing beats honest-to-goodness communication with your spouse and children. Talk to them about your predicament. Seek understanding and approval. Assure them that the intrusion is just temporary.
  2. Be sure it is temporary. Make every effort to shift back to the time separation between work and home.
  3. Create a trade-off. You need not offer the trade like it is a bribe. Doing it spontaneously, as in a hug, or a kiss, or even a gentle gesture as arranging the bed blanket, can lessen your guilt and sustain the bond.
  4. Manage the home work. Observe the sanctity of valued family traditions, such as having dinner together.
  5. Avoid home work, if possible. Keep the home insulated from the stress of the world outside. Make your home and your family a true sanctuary.
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  1. this is quiet useful. great post
    I’m a state worker and a teacher, but i dont bring works at home. When Im home I make it sure Im there for my children and husband.
    Weekends are only for them.

  2. thanks for sharing this and for the reminder…

  3. This is what my boss used to tell me.. bring home only a good book to read from the office. When I was younger, Christmas and other holidays were still spent working. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned to take it slow and enjoy my kids. I guess it also goes with aging.

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