Do You Allow Your Children to Curse at You?

This article is about young people cursing at their parents.

Cursing At Your Parents-Is this OK?

I admit it…I watch all kinds of reality shows from competitions, finding love to family dramas. Lately, I find myself shocked at how young people on television are speaking to their parents. I first took notice when I was watching The Housewives of Orange County. One of the housewives, Lynn, has a 17 year old daughter that cursed her, during an argument. This did not occur once, but several times throughout the course of the conversation. But what was more surprising was Lynn did not address it. She just kept speaking to her like nothing out of the ordinary was said. I would not be here today if I spoke to my mother the way she did.

I watched the show the following week and this time the youngest daughter cursed her father. Again, they ignored it. I could not believe my ears. What is the world coming too? What has happen to respecting your parents? Do children not feel the same respect and fear I did growing up? When did using curse words when speaking to your parents or any adult become the norm?

When I was growing up and to this day I would not think of saying a curse word in front of my mother, let alone curse at her. It is just not done. I do not know of any parents that allow this type of behavior in their presence. But Lynn’s daughter is very comfortable and too familiar using curse words to speak to her parents.

This is another journey our young people are allowed to travel. It seems as each day passes another hope for our future is dashed because what was not allowed in the past, has become the norm. Being respectful and showing respect should still be an important staple for our youth to learn. They cannot be allowed to talk back or call their parent a name that is just not acceptable. A line has to be drawn someplace. Where is that line with your children?

Another sad reality is these children most likely do not think about losing their parents or what would happen to them if they were taken away from them. I would bet they would think twice about calling their mother a cow or worse. I would hope young people respect their parents regardless of who they are and what they do. I still uphold my mother with all the respect she deserves. We cannot allow our young people to speak to their parents, our elderly or anyone else for that matter in a disrespectful way.

What are your thoughts?

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