Do Grandparents Need a Power of Attorney?

When your grandchild comes to visit on vacation, do you need a power of attorney? This article explains why it may be wise to request one when having your grandchild in your care.

As a grandparent, you look forward to your grandchild’s visit over school vacations. You may have plans to head to the mountains for winter sports or to the Caribbean islands for sand, sun, and water. But before you take you grandchild on vacation you should ask yourself; What about a power of attorney for your grandchild? Do you need one when taking your grandchild for one or two weeks? You will be surprised to hear the answers and the reasons why you need a power of attorney for your grandchild.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that the parents sign to authorize you to make legal and medical decisions when they are not present for the children. The parents can issue a limited or full power of attorney to the grandparents in case there is a medical emergency while the child is in the grandparents care.

Why a Power of Attorney is Needed?

It can also be used to help resolve any concerns if the grandparents are traveling out of the country with the child without the parents. A power of attorney provides peace of mind to the parents and grandparents if an emergency should arise. The parents of the child can determine the amount of authority provided the grand parents. They are able to write the duration length of the power of attorney and exactly what specific medical treatments the grandparents are allowed to authorize for the child in the parents absence. Yes, if you have a grandchild in your care for any length of time it would be wise to request a power of attorney with the child’s visit to ensure, if an emergency arises, he will be treated swiftly instead of the doctor or hospital waiting for consent from the parents.

Another reason to request a power of attorney for your grandchild is when traveling out of the country. A power of attorney will be documentation to present if there are any questions with customs and immigration to bring the child into the country or worse when trying to leave to go home. Always take the time to visit the website of the country you intend to visit to see what documentation is required when traveling with a child without their parents.

Be Prepared

It is always better to have more than enough documentation when traveling especially with your grandchild. So do you need a power of attorney for your grandchild? Only you can answer that question. The information provided in this article states two good reasons for doing so. For the safety and well being of your grandchild it would be prudent to have a power of attorney whenever your grandchild is in you care for long periods of time.

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