Divorce Effects

How divorce affects teens and all about it.

The divorce rate in United States is very high. People take divorces but they don’t think about their children. They don’t think how their kids will feel. Also how their kids will react. They don’t think how their kids will be affected. Would they be happy staying with only one parent and getting less love than they are supposed to get? In the divorced family kids of all ages are affected in one way or the other. Divorce has different effects on infants, teenage boys and girls and their future relationships.

First of all, divorce affects infants. No matter what the situation is and what the kids’ age is they would be affected in some way by a divorce. Some children would be affected psychologically, while some children may not be mentally affected at all. Even though infants don’t understand anything, they still are affected by divorce. They don’t know what the situation is but still they can feel the difference. Divorce makes them irritable. They feel the absence of their parent. In some cases they cry a lot because they feel insecure. They always try to cling to the parent he is living with because of the fear they have of losing them too. Thus, even though infants do not understand the situation, they do feel the difference.

Secondly, teenagers are affected by divorce. Teenagers are most affected by divorce. They experience anger, fear, loneliness, depression and guilt. The teenager boys and teenagers girls are affected differently. Boys have most behavioral problems such as aggressiveness and impulsiveness. Also they decline in academic performance. Some boys feel guilty and think that it happened because of him and get involved with alcohol and drugs. They don’t do well in school and drop out. Girls get affected differently than boys. Most girls get depression. They decline in academic performance also. They sometimes feel they are forced into adulthood because they get all the household responsibility and also babysitting. They sometimes get so depressed that they start using drugs and go with older crowd and enter sexual activity. Some girls think that their parents got divorced because of them so they always try to get them back together. Thus divorce has different affects on teenage boys and girls.

Divorce can also affect children’s future life. Since they have seen divorce in their family, they have experienced distrust. They never want a serious relationship. They have more chances to break-up if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. If they get married they are most likely to get divorce or get separated. They will have a committed partner. They can have a good relationship only if they recognize their parent’s mistake and not try to repeat them again. Other than that they cannot have a good relationship because they have never seen a good relationship. Thus divorce can also affect children’s future life.

In conclusion, the children are greatly affected by the divorce. No matter how old the kids are, they are affected in one way or the other. Sometimes it depends on how parents handle the situation. Sometimes divorce can have uncontrollable bad effects. Also the payments for child support put strain on parents which affects the children. There can be different serious affects on children and some could be really bad like use of drugs and alcohol. Also depression is a huge serious problem. Thus divorce can have really bad affects on infants, teenagers and also their future life.

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