Day is Just Moving Along!

No complaints whats so ever!
I was blessed today!

The day is just moving along, I like it when that happens. Was told by my son that his agent said he will know if he gets the part by end of week!  Fingers crossed, he really wants it, but I am preparing him for the worse (just in case that happens)I tell him you just move on for another roll!   Movie land is ruff and you do not get what you want all the time or should I say most of the times! It is competitive and you just have to deal with it, you prepare yourself for the let downs or this is not for you, you never take it personally! I believe he understands this and all will be just fine in the end!  Sunday is the modeling fashion show, they took five pictures of him to show has he struts his stuff down the walkway!  His grandma, me and his dad and aunt and uncle are going to watch him!  Really excited about that with an added great day at the work place with everything falling into place, what more could a girl/women ask for! Umm let me think, I could think of a lot, only kidding what ever God blesses me with that’s good enough for me! Complaints and complaining,  I think he forgives!

Liked it

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