Creating an Atmosphere of Interaction, Fostering Trust AND Believe at Home

Parents must not use their positions to hurt or intimidate their children.

For instance, you cannot just tell your son or daughter not to chase a woman or a man at a certain age in life when their emotions are crying foul. These feelings are natural and it is only prudent for parents to tell their wards the truth than to pretend or liar. Parents need to genuinely explain to their kids that, the desire for women will definitely come but it has its own time. If you don’t prepare to meet those days, you will definitely struggle. A good child after hearing this will begin to process his thoughts, consider the challenges and just resolve to obey what their parents say.

Other children by nature will just want to be inquisitive. They just want to know what is inside and why mummy said: he must desist from activities with women. So those kids led their own lves, break rules and protocol and begin to make girlfriends. Their curiosity is so much that, they explore their ladies to the brim until ‘Kwaku’ sees what he has not seen before. The unexpected that his mum and dad foresaw and warned against is what is now being experienced live. The youth at this stage becomes completely tattered with their issues and the situation becomes telling on their personality. Here we are with the long face of a hardened eared person who is now facing repercussions of his actions. The parents who might not have denounced ownership of their child, just as the prodigal son, began to walk back to their parents. But these things are real and this is how very innocent children whose concerns and worries are not handled well turn to become bastards in their own home.

If you also tell your kid not to smoke without allowing him to reason properly to come to terms with the hazards of that activity, he would always follow his friends who are smoking the thing. ‘why must I not smoke?’ lets me taste how this smoke and tobacco is- These are the likely words of a depressing child. They go in and because their self-image is very weak, they even demonstrate the act more than their peers in similar conditions. They smoke all kinds of smoking hems and they gradually begin to lose touch with the world. They get destroyed easily; the situation sends them to a very far place or is carried back home by the same circumstances. The tendency of coming home at this crucial stage is a fifty fifty chance anyway.

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