Children Learn Best by Observing Behavior of Adults and Copying It

The article is about methods of upbringing children.

There’s no denying the fact that upbringing is a very serious and complicated process and an adult (either a teacher or a parent) should find the right methods of dealing with a child in order to develop a real personality and not to harm the growing person. However, there are many methods of teaching and upbringing. Which one is the most effective and should be used in practice? Many people think that children learn best by observing behavior of adults and copying it. So, I want to discuss on this topic and to give arguments for and against this statement.
You know that children begin to learn since their birthday. And their teachers are their parents at this time. They show a child how to behave, how to eat, to play, to talk, to walk and so on… They influence a child greatly shaping his actions, behavior, opinions and thinking. For instance, a little girl learns to cook by helping her mother in the kitchen, a little boy learns to repair broken things by working with his father. For me, such a way of observing and copying adults’ actions is the best one.
Nevertheless, it also has its disadvantages. Children may observe not only good behavior but bad one, too. From this point of view this method is harmful and can cause psychological damage. They quickly copy and adopt bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or frequent arguments and conflicts between parents, disrespectful relations in the family and when they become adults themselves they behave in the same way in their families. Besides, many parents try to conceal their problems and conflicts from a child, but a growing person is able to see it, he feels and understands much more than we believe. First we must take care of our good behavior before to teach our children. That’s why we must use this method of learning a child with a great care.
And moreover, I can add that adults can achieve the best result – a kind, clever and happy Person only in a complex with other methods of upbringing.

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  1. yeah. Childs moral and ethic views highly depends on parents behavior

  2. I fully agree. That’s why we must behave as we want our children do.

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