Can I Sue My Parents Posthumously?

Things my parents never warned us about.

I first became a parent July 24, 1984, three years after I graduated high school. When my parents seen my first child, of course out came the “Oh, she’s adorable,” “You’ll make a great parent,” and all that, Not once did they say “I feel sorry for you. Wait until she reaches toddler-hood. Or “Boy, you haven’t seen any thing until they reach their teens.”

Don’t get me wrong I loved my parents, may they rest in peace. After all they made it look easy they had eight children in all. Me, I  I ended up with eight total, three boys and five girls. The oldest boy died when he lacked two days of being a month old. The next two boys spent their first month in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). The boys done things when they were younger that sometimes gave my wife and I a heart attack. The normal climbing, building ramps for their bicycles and skateboards. One of my sons climbed on top of the house and looked down, he realized he was afraid of heights and froze right on the spot. The other one put us on first name basis with the local emergency room. Things like this went until they reached maybe thirteen or fourteen, then, you couldn’t of asked for better boys. Always helpful and seemed to be smart in school high honor rolls and honor rolls. They were far from geeks, nerds or whatever phrase is bing used. They lettered in football, one joined the Marines, the other is a manager at a well known restaurant.

Sounds good, right? Wrong, I haven’t even started with the girls. Pretty good when they were younger with the exception the older two tried to go naked shopping. The next two was going to go swimming at the local spot in December in New York. If you’re not familiar with New York weather it can get pretty cold in the winter. Okay, we had another one try some trapeze trick on an old swing rope. The trick was spinning around on the rope with her teeth at the age she was her teeth was not that strong.

Our oldest girl had febrile seizures, these were caused by fevers shooting up quick and the brain can’t handle it rising that fast. The next girl grew out of her seizures (we were either at the doctors office or the ER, through most of our parenting years). Remember those toys you could roll up, Popples? Well, my eldest had one when she was about four she called it her monkey, sometimes when she couldn’t sleep I would go in here room and we’d toss ‘ her monkey ‘ back and forth, innocent right? Wrong! she was in pre-k and she told the teacher that Daddy would come into her room and play with her monkey. ‘ Knock, Knock, Hello Mr. Decker this is Child Preventive Services.’ Whoa, boy! Luckily my daughter was home to help me clarify it. I looked at her and said, “Honey, go get Daddy your monkey.” Thank god she went and got it. Needless to say that was unfounded.

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