Breastfeeding a Daily Pleasure

Our modern lifestyle leaves little room for breastfeeding. For a woman, the choice of breastfeeding and is often a difficult undertaking. Must still be substantiated or otherwise supported and informed at risk of dropping quickly. To not dare come here and live the adventure of breastfeeding, be on the lookout for tips. Here are just a dozen …

1 – Breastfeeding is very convenient: no need for bottle washing and sterilizing, no milk powder to buy, dosing and mixing, no need heat! Breast milk is always available and ideal temperature.

2 – Milk is the taste of what you eat. This is not a reason to deny, however, you develop a taste for your baby.

3 – You should continue to follow a healthy lifestyle, including diet. Everything you eat is supposed to pass into your milk: not tobacco, alcohol and very little coffee!

4 – No drugs without medical advice because they spend in small quantities in milk. And if you have permission from the doctor, take your medication after a feed to have eliminated for the next feeding.

5 – Fill omega-3 by eating fish two times per week and focusing on small fish (bonito, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, trout) because they contain less mercury than larger predators. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are used in the composition of the membrane of neurons and contribute to the development of the brain.

6 – first time in must be immediate and must take place in the delivery room within one hour after birth. It is essential for the success of breastfeeding. Inform in advance Midwives your decision to breastfeed.

7-2 to 4 days after birth, it is normal to feel pain when the flow of milk, it is not a bottleneck. This phase is due to the secretion of colostrum and announced the establishment of the milk itself.

8 – feedings will be marked by the baby’s hunger and instructions have changed: there is more awake a sleeping baby to put in it does not claim. Similarly, we do not refuse him a feed, even if the previous is not complete until the last hour. A baby suckles for food, but also to reassure and calm down.

9 – When to initiate mixed feeding? 4-6 weeks after birth, but not before, the risk of compromising breastfeeding.

10 – In the absence of breastfeeding leave, employees have an hour a day of work to breastfeed for a year after birth. In your absence, do give your baby your own milk collected using a breast pump and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

11 – Cracks, congestion and pain in the nipple are potential hazards of breastfeeding. Know that there are other tricks and solutions to remedy and prevent such problems. It will give you information and advice.

12 – Exactly, even before birth and throughout lactation, do not hesitate to ask questions and to discuss your problems with facilitators La Leche League (, specially trained to help women to successful breastfeeding.

Brief benefits of breastfeeding:

Breast milk is perfectly suited to the needs of the baby. Colostrum is rich in the early days and easy to digest, then milk occurs when the baby’s appetite grows. Colostrum provides more antibodies to baby him to defend against infections.

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of food allergy. For the mother, breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and promotes weight loss after childbirth, etc.. Finally, breastfeeding strengthens the bond breast …

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