Birthday Spanking Debate 2.2

To catch up, please click on my name by the picture. This is to elaborate on topic 2, which was parties. 1.1 was about my basic thoughts on the subject. This post is to give some examples and give opinions on what I think about them. Remember that all names are not the real names of the persons interviewed.

My first story came from Tammy. It was very rare to get a female opinion on this, but I managed to get one! She told me that when she was 9 she was allowed to have a party. During the years before she had been given normal birthday spankings by her parents. She was told that the more members she invited the more birthday spankings she would get as each girl she invited would give her nine and one to grow on and that the one to grow on would be on whatever clothing the spanker wanted it to be on. Following all this she would still get a normal birthday spanking from her mom at the end. Now, so far I disagree with the main part of this. Due to the stipulation Tammy had to choose which friends she wanted to invite. A child should never have to choose between their friends over something like that. As far as the clothing on the one to grow on that is fine in my view since it was stated that all the members would be girls. Continuing she told me that she did it this way for each year ahead until she was 13. When she was 13 her mom told her that there would be a new rule to birthday spankings. From there on she would be spanked bare by the hand of each party member(still all girls) 5 times and that the one to grow on would be given with either a belt or a paddle. She said it went on this way until she was 15 when she stopped getting birthday spankings. I completely disagree with this as it sounds quite humiliating. Also, I believe a belt was made to go in the loops on jeans and it should stay there at all times. I don’t think it was really that bad that a paddle could be used for the one to grow on as long as it was kept light and not thrown too hard. Basically, I disagree with the way Tammy was done and would never recommend any part of it.

George gave me the only other example I got of this topic. He said that he started getting birthday spankings at his first party when he was 6. He was in a suburb with lots of other kids, so he had plenty of friends even at this party. All the parents had been notified that their child would be allowed to watch the birthday spanking so that no parent was baffled by it happening without their knowledge. Everyone came in and set their presents on the table. George was told he could open them after he took his first ever birthday spanking. George had never been spanked as a punishment or on his birthday, but due to peers he knew what it was. He got scared, having never heard of a birthday spanking.(who wouldn’t.) his mom bent him over her lap, pulled down his pants , and spanked him 6 times mildly. It may have been soft, but it would feel mild to someone who had never been spanked at all. After this she lowered his underwear and spanked him on his bare bottom 3 times a little harder. She had more than just the one to grow on. She also had one for anything she missed and one to behave on. When he was 10 it started that the entire spanking was on the bare and the 3 extras were given with a small rounded paddle. At 13 the entire spanking was done bare with the small rounded paddle and the 3 extras were given with a holed paddle. Finally at 16 his mom said she was done , but if the guys wanted to give him a birthday spanking they could as long as they didn’t give more than 3 licks each with the rounded paddle and they weren’t allowed to use the holed paddle. After the party ended and George’s dad got home the holed paddle was brought out for the first time he’d ever had a birthday spanking without it being at a party. First his mom paddled him with the round paddle 16 times and then gave him 3 with the holed paddle on the bare bottom like normal. Then his dad took the holed paddle and gave him 16 with the holed paddle followed by 5 extras. He never gave names for the extras, but they didn’t need them according to George. First off, I think that before giving a child a birthday spanking you should explain to them as best you can what one is. Second, I’m okay with the baring at a young age, especially since it was all boys. Third, I feel that the ones he got as he got older were too harsh for any child as a birthday spanking. Now, what I have learned is that some parents use birthday spankings as a make up for not spanking during the year. I disagree with this and think that if you are going to spank a child you should do it on the spot, not wait for their birthday and punish them all at once. George said he never enjoyed a birthday spanking and with those stipulations I don’t believe anyone would.

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