Are We Ready to Have a Child?

Raising a child is expensive. Family planning is essential for couples to achieve the best. Aways plan ahead and ask: Are we ready to have a child?

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Society is getting more advanced as time passed by. Life is no longer easy, even to an individual. The situation is tougher for couples who love children. Raising a child needs more money than in the past. Besides the money concern, couples must not overlook the love and care that are important to a child growth. It is essential to ask: Are we ready to have a child? A careful family planning will ease any ongoing tension and there is a higher opportunity to attain happiness.

Understand the society

Competition is keen nowadays. Children have to learn a lot of things so that they can be smart enough to compete with others at the same age. Being parents are more demanding. Offer love and money is not enough. Many parents need to spend time to talk, educate and guide their children, particularly against the evil from the outside world.

Unfortunately, many parents have to work hard, both together, to pay for the housing installment, daily expenses, kids education and so on. They have to rely on someone else to care and educate their children. For families that cannot afford hiring a babysitter or have relatives to help, either dad or mom has to stay-at-home.

Family Planning

No matter how strong the love between the couples and the desire to have your own children, it is important to face the harsh reality. Couples have to evaluate their own situation in terms of monetary, physical, psychological and societal aspects.

Evaluation of current status is not enough. Couples have to project the future. What kind of life they would like to have. They have to understand the coming duties and how those duties will change their life. Are the couples ready to endure the exhausting and routine daily life for the sake of having children?

Figures are important. Couples are highly recommended to do research on how much money is needed to raise a child. Compare the findings with the estimated family income for a couple of years and do some tight calculations. If resource is inadequate, maybe the couple should think of giving birth to one child only.

Foreseeable routine daily life of a stay-at-home dad or mom

Stay-at-home dad or mom has to nurse, cook, do the housekeeping and discipline children. For weekdays in general speaking, she has to get up early in the morning, prepares the breakfast for the family, helps the children wake up and get dressed, all textbooks and homework in the school bags, make sure the kids eat the breakfast, drive them to school or helps them catch up with the school bus.

After children leave for schools, the stay-at-home dad or mom has to clean the house, do the clothes washing, go shopping for food supply and other necessities, go to bank, pay the bills, take care of the pets and the garden if there is any, make herself a lunch, prepare tea and dinner, check how to do the home duties or even take related course, work at home if the family is short of money.

When children come back from schools, the stay-home-dad or mom will be busy in providing them something to eat and drink, help them with the homework, chat with them to understand their school life, or even play with them for a while, bath them, read books to the young one before sleep, then finish all the cleanings before having some time for her own and the other half.

Once having a child and one parent is stay-at-home, aforementioned routine daily life will more or less go on for several years. Diligence, attentiveness and patience are required.

Always plan ahead before giving birth. Be frank. Be sincere in communication. Be careful in family planning. The effort is worthy of attaining happiness for the whole family in the long run.


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  1. Great article

  2. Some good advice here, couples should never go for a child or another one unless they can take care of it.

  3. Great parenting ideas

  4. thanks for share

  5. very good advice, well done, Linda.
    Yes, they should plan first, but don’t think too long.

  6. and I love that first pic, cute, sweet and beautiful, all in.

  7. I share the same thoughts with you on this matter. Indeed, it’s expensive and difficult to raise children in this day and age.

  8. It’s a wonderful idea but I have a feeling it doesn’t work out that way the majority of the time.

  9. I am thankful that I don’t have to make the choose of having children in this day and age. I probably would not have any if I had to, not because I won’t want to but because society is cruel. I won’t want my child to experience what our children are experiencing these days.

  10. A planned child is always best but a mom always loves her child.

  11. Too many people have babies without thinking ahead regarding the time, attention and finances involved in raising children. Your article actually takes someone through a process of well thought out reasoning.

  12. Your article was great. I agree that it is important to make sure that you are financially secure enough before having children. I am not a parent yet, but I have a friend who is struggling with three kids.

  13. good information..
    thanks for sharring..

  14. I am ready.:)
    Good info you provided here,but remember also that people were making kids also during world war periods and they were not financially secured then…its just that nowadays we are a bit spolied and never want to have kids unless we are sure we can provide the best for them.But, what about love providing? Isn’t that the most important?

  15. This is very important. The climate is changed, so it is more difficult to live in this world.

  16. I agree that we must plan to have a child. The newborn baby will face challenge that never imagined before.

  17. Nice share.

  18. yup, I agree…. careful planning needed for everything. Including having a child ^_^

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