Advantages and Disadvantages of Attachment Parenting

Learn something about parenting. Learn how attached you should become to your kids.

You are probably wondering what attachment parenting is. In my opinion, it is a form of parenting that involves making an attempt to be very close to your kids. This method has pros and cons. You will learn the positives and negatives of attachment parenting.

First Advantage: You can develop a bond with your child. If you are not too authoritarian, you can have an easier time making a connection and becoming intimate with him.

Second Advantage: You can reveal a soft side. If you open up about your feelings and concerns, you might make it easier for your kid to appreciate and not hold grudges against you.

Third Advantage: This can be a good learning experience for your child. If you mostly treat her tenderly, she could come to think it is cool for a parent to not be too tough or unfeeling.

Fourth Advantage: This is your opportunity to outdo your parents. By being very patient and understanding with your kid’s failures and sins while not being too ashamed to apologize when you have gone overboard, you can achieve your goal of doing a better job than your parents.

First Disadvantage: Being overprotective is a high possibility. If you are too attached to your child, you will probably become obsessed with his safety and try to keep an eye on him all of the time.

Second Disadvantage: You risk becoming too much of a buddy to your kid. If you cannot balance being a buddy with being a parent, you will have more difficulty raising her the right way.

Third Disadvantage: He could suffer in the long run. If you cannot punish him for misdeeds because you are too attached to him, he will grow up thinking he can get away with doing everything that is wrong.

Fourth Disadvantage: You are likely to spoil her. If you coddle her and give or buy her something every time she asks, she is likely to think she does not have to earn any of her money or gifts.

Fifth Disadvantage: He might become too dependent. If you do everything for him and make just about all of his decisions for him, he will probably not develop a sense of independence and learn how to do many things.

Sixth Disadvantage: Your credibility could take a hit. If you can never be firm or authoritative, you will probably not be taken seriously by your son or daughter.

Seventh Disadvantage: You might leave a bad impression. If you cannot adequately instill discipline in your offspring, they might think of you as being weak.

Eighth Disadvantage: They might try to walk over you. If they think you are weak because you are too attached to them, they will likely try to take advantage of you.

You have learned the pros and cons of attachment parenting.

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