A Man Paid to Impregnate a Neighbor’s Wife But Failed After Six Months of Trying

Some couples can go the extra mile to get a baby. This particular case was very intriguing.

In my City a court must decide on a case of honorable intention in a situation where a man hired his energetic looking neighbor to get his wife pregnant when it dawned on him that he was sterile and would never make his wife pregnant no matter how hard he tried. His was a desperate move to deal with a truly desperate situation.

They had been married for over 4 years and the baby was not coming. In most societies, marriage is always expected to result to a pregnancy, unless it is a gay marriage. After all, many people understand that pregnancy will almost come to pass, once a normal man and a normal woman have sex. If in four years the baby is not forthcoming, then the first person to take the blame is usually the woman and most sterile men tend to hide behind this blame game.

In this particular, case, the man visited a fertility center and was told his semen had completely no trace of sperm cells and therefore, he would never make a woman pregnant.

It was from his point that he conjured up a wonderful idea which he shared with his wife that he hires his neighbor to do the job because, this man already had two kids who looked just like him. The wife of this neighbor protested badly to the idea, but when she was told that about $3000 would be the fee for the job, she yielded and gave her full consent to the deal.

For 4 nights a week, the lucky neighbor would walk up to the bedroom of this man and in truly charged sexual spirit, treat his client to the real value for the money used to hire him. This went on for 6 good months but there was no change in the situation of the woman. She seemed to enjoy the sex, but there were no signs of any pregnancy. Infact he had 72 attempts to make this woman pregnant in vain.

When the woman realized that the neighbor was not delivering the goods, she registered a complain to her husband who demanded that the hired neighbor carries out a medical test which he obliged. The Doctor’s announcement that the hired neighbor was also sterile shocked everyone except his own wife who was forced to confess that her husband was not the real father of his or her two children!!

Now the two neighbors are locked up in court battle, the other suing his neighbor for breach of contract and demanding the refund of his service fee. The hired man mean while is on the defensive, saying, when he accepted the job, he did not guarantee conception and so, he is not obliged to refund the money. It really looks to be a difficult case for the judges, but I hope, they make a fair ruling.

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  1. The neighbour and his wife were to blame, because, the neighbour and his wife know pretty well that the neighbour was not sterile and the agreed amount $3000 had to be refunded.This must have been the fair ruling in this case.Because, they had actually entered into the contract by misrepresenting the facts.

  2. neighbor\’s wife is to blame. she should\’ve known her husband was sterile & simply wanted the $3000 after initially disagreeing.

  3. Said but true, there are several cases like this in India that take place within the joint families/neighbours etc… Although many don’t talk about it, kids are heirs to the property… Personally, I was asked to have kids to give them to my brother in law as he was unable to have kids… Although punishable by law, it happens and if it is out in the open destroys families and lives… It is also a trade in many places and unsuspecting men get caught by sly women!!!

  4. To all those saying the wife is at fault, there is no evidence that she knew her husband was sterile, just that she had sexual relations with another man. It’s a tough case and it depends on the terms of the spoken contract. On one hand, one party claims paid the other to ‘impregnate’ his wife. So the activity would go on until the wife was impregnated – or the contract is void. The other party claims that he was paid to do the act, but never guaranteed conception, and so it becomes a battle of definitions. I think the man has a chance if he argues that the contract is void based on the terms of the duration of the contract, though the neighbor can argue that he did not have knowledge of his condition and was chosen based on assumptions made by the other party (ie. they assumed the kids were his, he didn’t know better). However, if, ever, in their years as neighbours, has the neighbour ever mentioned the kids belonging to him (ie. claiming that the kids were conceived by him and not just guardianship), then this would be enough for the contract to be void and the money returned.

  5. Omg, thats so poor :(

  6. No pregnancy no money. When you pay for something you expect the goods. And in these type of contracts they should cover every stipulation so everyone butt is covered no pun intended lol. But still why not just do adoption. How can another man ask for another man to impregnate his wife? I couldn’t do it. I would feel so weird and wanting to kick butt. Listen instead of getting your neighbor to conceive with your wife go take a look at adoptions.

  7. Now that’s a story!

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  9. I’ve heard of love thy neighbor, but this is ridiculous.


  11. let me try for six minutes and wait for six months

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