A Circle of Friends (And Family)

Catching up with old buddies.

             Roy Armstrong’s heavy footsteps echoed as he rounded the corner towards Reception Room A-1. The ceilings were high and the spaces hollow in Honour Hall. Honour Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus. And it remains rich in memories for most students who’ve attended State University. Only minor reparations have been done at the Hall over the years. All in all it has remained a sound, steady structure representative of the stable institution and community it stands for.

            The big wooden shellacked doors stood wide open. Roy could hear the crowd as they milled about outside the reception room, engaged in idyll small talk and an occasional laugh or giggle shared amongst colleagues.

             “Hey, hi there, man,” Roy offered. “What’s the good word?”

              Mr. Hightower lifts his glass of fruit punch towards his colleague. “Money and more money as usual, man, how you doing?’

              “Fine man, fine. How’s that son of yours? Made it home yet?”

               “Yeah, came in last night. God got him home to us safe and sound,” Mr. Hightower replied.


                “Didn’t your boy make it in a while back?”, Mr. Hightower asked.

               “Yeah, you know they finish the term much earlier there.”

               “Hello, young fellows,” Mr. Wright shakes hands with his colleagues.

               “Young, where?’ asks Mr. Hightower.

                Mr. Wright continues, “how are you today?’

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