16 Years Old Plus Tears of Joy!

Hello Friends,

I wanted to take some time and share something with you what’s on my mind and heart. I want to show how much I have been through, and share the impact that has hit my lifestyle as i’m growing up.

Hello Friends,

I wanted to take some time and share something with you what’s on my mind and heart. 

So this morning I woke up, unhooked a trailer from my dad’s truck, came in and was getting ready to leave and my mom offered to make my sister and i breakfast. And of course as a 16 yr. old boy I love food so  how could i resist an offer like that.  As i finished eating I realized I was about to drive for the first time on my own, here i am a 16 year old guy in control of a thousands of pound truck. Not only did i notice that i was about to embark in my first big  adventure (to my Spanish class) by myself. But i noticed tears from my mom, these were not sad tears but tears of joy, while in the kitchen with my mom i realized how blessed I was, to have a mom that has been with me through everything I have done. From the very begining of my life where God truly did a miracle to save my life.

Her tears of Joy this morning also reminded me of becoming a Christian, playing all the sports and remembering the patience my parents have shown for every game and practice, first S&D tourny and every event in my life. Like getting my permit, and now getting my license, what is next?? I have been blessed with amazing parents, a beautiful sister that rocks! And wonderful friends that uplift me and are my home’s.

Most of all have been given a God and Savior that is always there for me and has created everything and everyone that I love. Now I myself and many guys out there worry about being cool, smooth and try to show off to the ladies and have a epic status.

And sometimes we forget about showing off for our mom’s, sometimes we don’t want to hug or get a goodbye kiss from our mom’s or dad’s for that matter. We’re afraid of what our friends might think, and this morning i realized it doesn’t matter what other people might think. Yes, you want to represent yourself in a respectful and Christian manner. However your still cool and smooth when your parents embarrass you in public, because you know and your friends should know that your parents love you and they care about you.

So guys and girls, even though we have our big man on campus moments, when we get our license, degree, house, or that status in life reflect upon who got you there.  God, Friends, &  last but not least our parents, think about how many tears of joy and sadness our mom’s go through from taking our first steps, our first heart-brake, to license, to getting married.  For our dads who try to be patient with our mistakes, and things we work on to try to be honorable young men! 

So i encourage you before you head out for class, or even on your way to the chore list, Give your parents a hug and thank them for being there through everything you go through in life, for being loving, and even when they ground you, all the steps and decisions they make to from and mold your life! 

I hope that made sens… In summary live, laugh, love and thank your parents, and hold on to the memories, and tears of joy.

I thank all you moms and dads out there, because you never know when you might take your first adventure to spanish class, or a big step in  life.  

Life is Short, praise God, love family and friends and strive to be cool for your everyone in your life. 

*All rights and royalties of these post belong solely to Joshua C. McDonald. These writings cannot be used without the consent of the Author which is Joshua C. McDonald. The author has the right to place a law suit dealing with anything about his writings.*

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  1. Such a thought-provoking piece!

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