15 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a rather delicate affair. Many mothers to be are not very sure when it comes to the various do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. The following are 15 things that should be avoided at all stages of pregnancy without compromise.

Avoid the following if you are pregnant:

  1. Heavy exercise – Mothers to be are warned against a sedentary lifestyle and reminded to exercise but very heavy exercise should be avoided.
  2. Over the counter medications – Self medication is wrong and should be avoided. Some drugs when taken during pregnancy have the ability to harm the developing baby.
  3. Drinking alcohol – However much women are warned against alcohol during pregnancy, some still feel tempted to take a few bottles every day which is wrong.
  4. Smoking – Forget that smoking may actually predispose you to innumerable cancers, it isn’t any good for the unborn baby either.
  5. Drug abuse – Abusing any drugs be they narcotics or medicaments is wrong and should be avoided during pregnancy.
  6. Consuming undercooked meats – Poorly cooked meat may harbor so many risks however well checked it may have been and should be avoided.
  7. Kitten litter – Pussies predispose mothers to be and their babies to toxoplasmosis and tapeworm infection. Close contact with them or their litter should be avoided.
  8. Agrochemicals – I know you might like gardening but exposure to pesticides especially chlorinated hydrocarbons should be avoided.
  9. Heavy metals – Heavy metals such as lead, mercury and copper damage the nervous system and blood vessels as well as creating complications that may be harmful to unborn babies.
  10. Radiation – Pregnant women should stay away from both natural and artificial sources of radioactivity which may predispose unborn babies to mutations.
  11. Electromagnetism – Mothers to be should avoid electromagnetic appliances such as electric blankets and the like, these can also be harmful to the unborn babies.
  12. Junk food – Studies reveal that the type of food that mothers eat during pregnancy may lead to obesity and other health complications in their children.
  13. Dangerous sex positions – Sex is not dangerous in itself but dangerous sex positions may actually cause miscarriage and other complications.
  14. Yoga – Some yoga poses are not for the pregnant and must be avoided.
  15. Stress – Mothers to be should avoid any stressful conditions that may lead to an increase in cortisol and adrenalin production.
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  1. When I saw the title, I was thinking in my mind, how many points I could come up with off-hand. Couldn’t go beyond 5-6.Good job, comprehensive, should i say, as usual?

  2. Some of these come to mind. Others are not as easy but do make sense. Thanks for responding.

  3. Another great article!

  4. great article, very useful!

  5. very good information. Heavy exercises especially aerobics, should be avoided.

  6. very useful tips

  7. number 7 is not entirely true.. your cat can ONLY be exposed to toxoplasmosis if it ate an infected mouse and has never been exposed before.. women have JUST AS MUCH to fear from raw meat as they do from their cat. Of course nobody should be licking their fingers after cleaning a litter box.. and toxoplasmosis isnt even a risk at all stages of pregnancy. Women panic too much and get rid of a cat that isnt even a risk factor a lot of time. If the cat doesnt go out, there is generally no risk at all.

  8. All very true and valid points. And don’t worry Big Brother. I know you understood my article I was venting on. :)

  9. Great tips to pregnant women.

  10. Be very particular of the smells around as they can make you throw up… Most obstetricians suggest abstinence when you are into a difficult pregnancy as it prevents abortions and bleeding during pregnancy. From experience.

  11. J is your wife pregnant??? Lots of acrticles on pregnancies and a happy and expectant dad usually shows his happiness by going through it along with her…. If she is, congratulations in advance…. :D

  12. This is very helpful for expectant mothers.

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