15 Symptoms You’re Carrying

15 Symptoms You’re Carrying.

1.Easily out of breath
If you are easily out of breath when climbing stairs, but usually not, there is a possibility you are pregnant. The fetus does require oxygen. As a result, you often run out of breath. Please understand, this will happen throughout the pregnancy. Especially when the baby began to suppress the lung and diaphragm.

2.enlarged breasts
Signs of enlarged breasts, the areola is blackened, and looks a lot more blood vessels in the chest to be an early sign of pregnancy. Wear the right bra to reduce discomfort.

3.easily tired
If you feel very tired easily, this could be a sign of increased hormones in the body. For most women, fatigue can take place during the first trimester. However, there is also an experienced until the second trimester.

The majority of pregnant women experience nausea in the morning. In fact, they had it up to six weeks. There is also an experience not only in the morning, but afternoon and evening. To reduce nausea, get used to eating snacks such as biscuits in small but frequent portions.

5.Frequent urination
If all of a sudden have always felt the urge to urinate at night, get ready, here’s another sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body will produce a lot of fluid that would satisfy the bladder.

Early signs of pregnancy including headaches are the result of hormonal changes. If you’re really worried about pregnancy, be careful when taking painkillers. Look for medicines that contain paracetamol and a green coil.

If have never experienced back pain, there is a possibility you are pregnant and having problems in the ligament. Please understand this is also when you will experience during pregnancy. As the pregnancy continues to expand, your body’s center of gravity will change.

These symptoms of menstruation or pregnancy? Difficult to distinguish it. However, if true cramps in lower abdomen, may be the content you are preparing to welcome the baby.

9.Increased or decreased appetite
Suddenly you always want to eat salad or fish makes you sick. When you begin to have problems with food, maybe your body is telling you that you are pregnant.

10.Constipation or abdominal bloating
Long pants will not fit you start. If the body starts to feel a little bigger or bowel trouble, maybe it has nothing to do with the addition of the hormone progesterone. This hormone is lower digestive system.

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