10 Ways to Make Ten Dollars a Day

Wouldn’t it be nice to make 100 dollars a day? Well what if you could make $10 a day? What if you could do it ten times?

  1. Google AdSense

This is just so obvious I had to list it.  There are countless people out there earning over $300 using Google’s AdSense.  We’re looking for ten ways to earn ten dollars a day, so let’s make this number one.   Build a website, get traffic, and the rest is history.  You only need about a thousand visitors per day to make ten bucks off a site every day.  Amounts will vary.

     2.  Sweep

Find 7 store owners or home owners who would like there premises swept and have the trash picked up once a week.  You can go to one each day, take care of the duty, which should only take you up to an hour, and there – you have another ten dollars in your hand.  Now we’re up to 20.

     3.  Sell on Ebay

This is really, really easy.  Find an item or several which you can either make or buy in bulk, or have custom made, and work out your profit margins.  You’ll have to figure out fees and shipping charges, but just determine how many items you need to sell per day to make $10.  If you’re making 50 cents per item sold (total profit) then just sell 20 of those per day.  If you can only sell ten per day, find another item you can sell ten of per day and make 50 cents off each one.

     4.  Wash windows

This is like step 2.  Find 7 local homes or businesses who would like their windows cleaned once a week for only ten dollars.  If you’re lucky some of them can be the same ones who want their grounds kept.  Obviously, any of the ideas on the list can be expanded to earn even more then 10 dollars per day.

     5.  Walk a dog

Like steps 2 and 4, you can find ten neighbors (or one neighbor with ten dogs) and charge them ten dollars to take their dog out on a nice long walk once a week.  This is not only fun for both you and the dog and gives the owner a break, but it is great for your own health!

    So, we’re making $50 a day so far.  This is an honest income!  Nothing to sneeze at, for sure…  But we wanna make the BIG bucks, and be a HIGH roller, so let’s come up with five MORE ways that we can make ten dollars every day…!

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