10 Interesting Ways to Teach Shapes to Toddlers

Is there an easy way to teach shapes to toddlers? How about using fun ways to teach shapes to toddlers? Teaching shapes to toddlers can be fun; do you want to know how? Some of the interesting ways to teach shapes to toddlers are shape collage pizza, wooden puzzles, clown face, hanging shapes, teaching shapes to kids, building blocks, etc.

ave you heard of this famous proverb, “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” If you wish to teach something to your toddler, involve them in the activity and ensure the activity is interesting and fun. This is the mantra for teaching to children.

Children love learning when it is taught creatively and interesting. When you say your toddler to sit and listen or repeat the colors or shapes you show, they don’t enjoy learning. When you teach them what you want to as a play children grasp them easily. This is very similar to a boring training session and an interactive and fun training session; which one you would vote for? It is obvious that your vote is for the fun training. The same concept holds well with children too. Have you taught colors, alphabets, manner, eating habits, etc., to your toddler? How about teaching shapes to toddlers? Here are 10 creative ways to teach shapes to toddlers.

1. Shape collage:

Shape Collage pizza

Image via kinderart

Cut out various shapes from newspapers or color papers. Help your child stick them by saying the name of the shape. Children love arts and crafts and they will be happy to do shape collage and your intention of teaching those shapes is also solved. Isn’t this a creative way to teach shapes?

2. Wooden puzzles:

Image via bambiniprono

Go to any toys shop and buy wooden puzzles that have geometrical shapes. Toddlers love to match the shape of the wooden block with their appropriate shapes in the wooden board or box. As they find the correct match, teach them what shape it is.

3. Play dough:

Image via ifab-uvm

Majority of the toddlers love using play dough. Use this to your advantage to teach them shapes. Make different colored shapes from play dough. Involve your toddler when making the shapes. Teach them both the colors and the shapes. Isn’t that double advantage? Teaching colors as well as shapes using one play dough.

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  2. The method of learning new things needs to be interesting enough for toddlers to retain them. Not only playing games are great for toddlers, it’s also great for adults too.Great post.

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