10 Activities You Can Do with Your Grandmother

Elderly citizens deserve to be treated with respect, and they still deserve to have fun in life! Here are some suggestions on how to make your grandmother happy. The following ideas can be used for your grandfather as well.

  1. Arrange A Reunion With Your Grandmother’s Old Friends And Connections

    Do a little research and get the particulars of your grandmother’s friends during younger years. Then arrange for them a small get together with those who are still alive. I’m sure they’ll have so much fun reminiscing the good old days, thanks to you.

  2. Make A Slide Show Or Video Presentation About Your Grandmother’s Life

    Show this on her birthday. With advanced video editing technologies available in our world today, I’m sure you can make your special granny video come to life and in full color.

  3. Teach Your Grandmother How To Write Her First E-mail

    If your granny didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the computer generation, then don’t let her entirely miss out! Teach her how to use the internet, send her first email, and let her watch old classic film clips posted in Youtube. Yes, I admit this might take some degree of patience, especially if you’re granny is 80 years old and up. But if you love your grandma, you’ll do it!!

  4. Research Her Favorite Songs And Records During Her Youth

    I’m sure your grandmother has favorite songs during the time she was a young woman. Try to discover her favorite love songs, or jazz artists, or band from yesteryears. Then compile the songs in a CD so she can listen to them whenever she’s bored.

  5. Arrange A Vacation To Her Place Of Origin

    If you’re reading this and you’re still very young, try to convince your parents to have a vacation in your grandparent’s hometown (and of course, don’t forget to take her with you). This can be a very memorable experience especially if your family has a rich history and heritage (like mine).

  6. Sit Down With Your Grandma And Seek Advice

    It’s amazing how so much wisdom can be acquired from your grandparents if you just take the time to sit with them and sincerely ask for advice. Whether you seek advice about love, life, career, decisions, and problems, I’m sure your grandma (and your grandpa) has lots of things to say. They’ve been around, you know.

  7. Take Your Grandmother To Inspirational And Motivational Seminars

    There are lots of seminars and events that focus on self development and motivation. If you take your grandma to one of these events, her thought life will remain active and she will stay inspired even in old age. Who knows, she might meet new people who belong to her age group, and together, they can strengthen and support each other.

  8. Go Bungee Jumping With Your Grandmother

    Ok, don’t take my word for this! And please don’t do this in real life. But just imagine. It would be fun, right?

  9. Inspire Your Grandmother To Have Personal Health Goals

    You can motivate your grandma to exercise in her own little way. Maybe you can convince her to go for a short walk every weekend, or you can teach her how to use the electronic juicer so she can experiment with new kinds of healthy fruit and vegetable juices. (I remember one old man…he’s committed to doing one push up every morning..that’s his health goal).

  10. Encourage Your Grandmother To Write Her Own Book

    If your grandmother (or grandfather) has knowledge and life experiences worthy to be written on paper and be published (or if she’s a poet/novelist), don’t miss the opportunity! Convince her to write a book about it. You can help her by providing advanced equipment and tools (like a computer, printer, etc..). You can provide emotional support. You and her other grandkids can even help with the typing and mass reproduction of the book.

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  1. Great article Verniel. Its going to be fun really if you can go bungee jumping with your grandma.Who knows she might just like the idea.

  2. Great Article and very much on point with the suggestions. Well Done Verniel, P.S. Hey I like Bungee jumping. Lol

  3. Sadly I no longer have a Gran to go bungee jumping with, I loved this article and am stumbling it etc. What a lovely idea. Well done!

  4. I am a grandmother, but no longer have mine. I think I’ll pass this on to my grandchildren. Great ideas, and we aren’t too old to have fun. lol

  5. Hey Verniel some top ideas here mate. Dunno if my grandmother would be up for a quiet bungee jump though. Haha! Nice work.

  6. More than worth doing tips.Very fine ideas.

  7. nice stuff bro,i would like to bring my grandma go bungee jumping but i’m afraid she can’t,she’s already at her 80s…lol

  8. nice one…

  9. Great Article.

  10. What a wonderful grandson you must be verniel, your tips should motivate grandchildren to spend more fun time with their grandmother. And I would love to bungee jump.

  11. Sounds like fun. I would totally bungee jump with my grandma if she was still with us.

  12. These are wonderful ideas. I’m sure your grandmother would be pleased just to be doing something with you and that you have taken an interest in her life. Nicely done.

  13. Wonderful ideas, My grandma also loves to talk about her youth.

  14. This is wonderfully written. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great ideas. Too sad I’ve never been close to my grandparents. Now, they’re gone, I wish time could be rewinded.

  16. the #1 is great, i hope I could do those to my grandmother.
    Nice article. :)

  17. I love your ideas. Every one would go over very well with me!!

  18. this did NOT help me

  19. Go teach your grandmother to suck eggs

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