The Benefits of Naps for Baby

The benefits of naps for baby.

At the age of infants, children spend time exploring everything around them so often lose their nap time. Though widely nap impact on growth and mental health of children.

Conclusions refer to the latest research, babies who do not nap nap more or less likely to experience stress and feel happy. These children are also at risk of developing mental health problems during their lives in adulthood.

The team from the University of Colorado Boulder, the United States found that children who do not nap or sleep deprivation during the day more anxious and tend to be uninterested in their surroundings. They are also less happy with happy events and more difficult to cope with stress.

Cause, the loss of nap time to make a baby express their feelings differently. During the study, they measured the sleep patterns of infants aged 2 to 3 years. These children are wearing a special tool to measure how long they slept with parental supervision.

Study author, Professor Monique Le Bourgeois documenting babies facial expressions in two different time when children get a nap, and when they lose their nap time
The results were published in the Journal of sleep research, suggests that showed that babies who are tired from lack of sleep only managed to finish third (34 percent) first puzzle with a less positive emotional response than when they are getting enough rest.

And the second puzzle that deliberately “can not be resolved” a tired baby to be more depressed than infants who received the usual afternoon nap. More than a third of toddlers who nap are also much less cool than the babies who got the nap of the puzzle that they can not finish.

Prof Le Bourgeois remind, that the confusion is not a bad thing, because helping with children learn from their mistakes. Lack of sleep makes the child unable to engage and interact with other people, just as good nutrition, adequate sleep is a basic need he said.

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