Low Calorie Party Food

Be the best host or hostess ever by serving tasty low calorie food at your holiday party! Your guests will thank you when they leave your house full of tasty almost zero calorie snacks! You can pick and choose from this list to create the perfect party fare!

T’is the season for holiday parties. T’is also the season to fill party guests with unhealthy snacks and hors d’ouerves. Change plans this year with healthy munchies everyone can enjoy without gaining a pound. Can it be done? Yes!

  1. Fennel of love.

    Fennel is one of the tastiest and low cal veggies out there. You can arrange these attractive bulbs around small bowls of differently flavored olive oils. You can have one bowl of plain olive oil, another with hot pepper flakes and a third with a combo of oil and vinegar.

  2. Calorie conscious crunchies.

    Cut pita bread into quarters and then crisp up in your toaster oven or regular one. Serve topped with tomato or mixed vegetable bruschetta.

  3. Slim sticks.

    Nothing says party food like a kabob. You can create a wide variety of different veggie and meat assortments. Try shrimp with red pepper and broccoli or chicken with onion and tomato. Squirt with either lemon or lime juice for added flavor.

  4. Faux meat.

    Soy meats usually have less calories and salt than regular meats. You can create mini sandwiches using cut squares of fake ham and chicken on small rounds of whole wheat toast. Spread low cal tarragon mayo or mustard to make the sandwiches tastier.

  5. Fruit treats.

    Nothing says diet like fruit chunks. You can create grilled fruit kabobs using pineapple and grapes, then sprinkle with a tiny bit of brown sugar for flavoring. You can also have sliced bananas with fat free chocolate syrup or apple and pear slices with a side of low calorie caramel dip (look in your produce section for the dips).

  6. Mini mmms.

    If you must serve cake and cookies, think on a smaller scale. You can buy what’s known as two bite cupcakes in your local grocery store. These are doll size cupcakes that have a small blob of frosting and decorations on top. Some better bakeries such as the French ones will produce mini holiday cookies. Order meringues that are the lowest in calories. If you must have candy around, then aim for the dark chocolate without nuts or creamy fillings. This is better for you and rich in antioxidants too.

  7. Ices

    If you’re in a warm climate then think about serving ices as opposed to ice cream. You can create a festive one using dark cherry and green apple flavors. Lemon or lime ice along with pina colada ice served in small cups are a nice way to end a party.

Don’t spoil your party with unwanted calories. Create a fat free holiday buffet and treat your guests with snacks that won’t pack on the pounds or give unhealthy doses of fat and transfat. This will be the best holiday gift of all to you and your guests!

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