How to Plan a Halloween Party

Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take to have a Halloween party.

This is from Kraft Halloween

Decide who you want to  invite to your party and jot it down on a list.

Determine a time and date for the party and at this time make up a theme for the party say, something like, skeletons or the sky’s the limit.

Planning can be daunting for a party, so if this party is for children ask their parents for help. If it’s for adults, pay a couple of teenagers in the neighborhood to help you out.

Make your invitations to match what party mood you want. You can buy them or be creative and make your own invitations. One good idea from Kraft is to buy eye masks in paper and write the party details on the back, then put in envelope. Don’t forget to add a RSVP so that


Plan on lots of food (I will be putting Halloween party food recipes on here soon).

Plan on mailing or delivering by hand ten days before the party.

Make a menu of food you will be serving and write down a checklist of what you need from the supermarket.

To get good pumpkins  with a lot of selection, your pumpkin early. Buy a lot of different sizes and shapes and make lots of different jack o’ Lanterns. Purchase some miniature pumpkins for use as a party favor.

While you are preparing for your party, purchase or make costumes for your family yourself.

Enlist your youngsters choose activities for the party. If it is a children’s party you can plan on taking the kids trick or treating or all ages can go to a local Haunted House.

Make or buy party favors and have each person have something to take home.

Purchase groceries and any other items  you need to make the best party.

Make the food the day before and carve pumpkins.

On the day of the party complete cooking foods and hang up decorations.


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  11. We don\’t usually have Halloween celebrations here, but we can always choose to have one. Great tips!

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