Protect Yourself against Nerve Gases! Soman and Sarin Antidote available.

This article describes how ordinary people can protect themselves against and attack of nerve gas.

Soman and Sarin nerve gases are relatively easy to manufacture and many terrorist groups have the technology to manufacture them. In this article I will not spread knowledge on how to manufacture these toxic gases. However, I am a Health Care Professional and my role is to help people to protect themselves.

Reminyl a medication which is used extensively in the management of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Now it has been found to be an effective antidote against these two toxic nerve gases (soman and sarin). It is also an effective antidote against organophosphate pesticides like paraoxon. So taking Reminyl orally when you are exposed to nerve gas can save your life and that of your family members.

The new name of Reminyl is Razadyne. Chemically / generically it is known as galatamine hydrochloride.

Here is the proof: Scientists in the US administered these two nerve gases to guinea pigs and also game them Reminyl. The nerve gas did not have any negative impact on the guinea pigs. The Reminyl prevented the nerve gas passing the blood brain barrier. The exact mechanism is not clearly understood, but it works.

The application of this finding is as follows: Reminyl / Razadyne / galatamine hydrochloride are effective antidotes against this nerve gas. In addition to using nerve gas masks you can take a few pills of Reminyl to protect yourself. You will need to get the prescription from your doctor.

Buy some and keep them in the home for the safety of all at home. Please follow the rules and regulations of the country you live in. This is not a substitute for a medical prescription.

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  1. This is the greatest advice, I have ever received free.
    Yes, I remember reading the research.

    I am not a Doctor. I did not know the implications of the research.

    May god be with you, sir.

  2. Good Day Mary,

    Thank You for your comments. They are appreciated. As a teacher and Registered Nurse, I feel, that it is one of my responsibilities to “ïnform” people about what is happening in the field of research.

    Scienits are not the best communicators because they have to stick by all the necessary details of their research.

  3. Will Reminyl always be effective against Sarin and Soman, or will its effect weaken with time? (Like antibiotics and pathogens ect.)
    I do understand its a chemical, but I’m curious.

  4. Hey shergill, I live in the US and I’m not sure how I would go about getting my hands on an Alzheimer prescription, being that I’m only 24 and no one I know suffers from the disease. If you have any ideas to remedy my current objective, let me know

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