Long Walk Home

Part 2, Stand off.

“Ready?” Jack asked,

“Ready” Fred nodded.

Jack turned to Will, raising his eyebrows.

“Ready” Will responded while checking his Bren. He noticed it looked strong and prepared. Lifting it up reminded him how heavy it was, but to him, weight meant reliability. Will then snapped the ammo clip into place and cocked the weapon. Fred slipped some shells into his shotgun, muttering to himself inaudibly. While Jack stood staunch, staring out the window.

The silence penetrated Will’s ears, pressing in hard on him. He wanted to talk, he knew he could be comforted by talk with his friends, but letting his guard down was not an option. Instead he just gripped his gun. He noticed his palms were sweating and he felt sick. That’s when the thought dawned on him, like he had forgotten, he had never actually seen the enemy. He had heard stories, and news reports. But never seen anything.

“Hey, what do these guys look like again?” Will asked, trying not to draw attention to his fear.
Jack and Fred looked at one another. He decided Jack had been thinking the same thing.

“Ugly.” Fred responded

“Thanks.” Will sighed.

“You hear that!?” Jack said, jumping at whatever it was. “Stay quiet.”

Will could not hear anything. He got up and silently edged towards the window, which he realised at that very moment was something he didn’t want to do. Gunshots. Jack armed his gun by flicking off his safety. Fred pressed his left shoulder hard against the wall by the opened window, and pumped his shotgun.

“We don’t have a real battle plan” Jack said positioning himself into the opposite corner of the room.

“Just don’t hit me” Fred responded. Unflinchingly.

Will couldn’t be sure, but he did not detect any fear on Fred anymore. In fact it seemed it was only himself who was afraid. He also realised, there was no other people on earth he’d rather be with. Cocking his gun. He moved towards the heavily boarded door. Looking through the crack he could make out very little due to the almost strobe effect caused by the light on the roof’s constant revolving. Straining to see further than the rotating light allowed, he thought he saw eyes staring back at him. He felt adrenalin flood over him. Jerking his head back from the slit, he took a moment to compose himself and then he looked again for the eyes. No luck. Just as he turned around he witnessed Fred fire out the window.

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