Keeping Your Car Windshield Ice-Free During the Winter

Tips and advice that can prevent water and ice from slowing you down this winter.

Below is a list of Household Items that work well to prevent ice from building up on your windshield during the winter while driving or parked.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol: When applied to your wiper blades it serves as a ice melter. It will keep your blades free from Ice buildup.
  2. Pam Cooking Spray: When applied to the wiper frames this will keep Ice from sticking to them
  3. Vinegar: When applied to your car windows before a snow, this will keep them clear and the next morning they will be ice free
  4. Vaseline: When applied in a thin layer to the channel run (what your glass goes into when closed) will prevent them from freezing

If you notice ice forming on the inside of your windows there may be two possible causes. One is that you have tracked in a significant amount of moisture on the mats and carpet. To eliminate this remove mats and dry them. Start car with mats out and run heater. Applying a bath towel to the carpet will also draw moisture out as well.

Two is if neither of the above work you may have a water leak coming into your car. A good source for help in verifying this problem is Water Doctors International. They are located on the web and have technicians in most states. They may offer free diagnostics or a minimal charge. Water leaking into your car can also cause strange electrical issues. Such as a radio coming on by itself, wipers that work even when they are turned off. . With a little effort and some professional advice these issues can go away. Keep winter under control by planning ahead.

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  1. These are some really good tips,RC. Great article. Thanks and God bless.

  2. Good advice. I wish I would have read this before the snowstorm started today :)

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