I Use Toothpaste as a First Aid

Does the first-aid kit really help in burns and scalds? I don’t know: I never use it. I use toothpaste instead…

Domestic accidents occur mostly in the house. That is why most of us had first-aid kit in the house; just in case accident happened, we will be ready. Many burns and scalds occur in the kitchen. Sometimes it will leave a permanent scar, sometimes don’t, but most of the time it’s really hurt. Does the first-aid kit really help in burns and scalds? I don’t know: I never use it. I use toothpaste instead…

I really love to cook but I hate when accidentally I touch the hot pots or pans while cooking. Sometimes I accidentally dipped my fingers in the hot boiling cooking oil while deep-fried a chicken or fish (trust me, it really hurt when all of your fingers were dipped).

Other time, the hot cooking oil splashed onto me, hitting my face and hand (especially when I deep-fried a squid). Hot boiled water, spilled onto me while pouring it into a cup; touched a hot iron while ironing cloths; named it, I’ve experienced it all.

And in those horrible scenarios, what I did to relieve the pain was, I simply applied toothpaste onto the injured area, quite a thick layer. I will leave it for 3 to 4 hours before I rinse the toothpaste with running water. It is as simple as that: try it, it really works! Not only the mildly toothpaste relieve the burning pains, it also prevent the injured from becoming a blister and leaving the scalds without permanent-ugly scars.

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  1. This works! I use toothpaste for burns too.

  2. pitty you my friend…i always apply toothpaste for burns on my arms and legs (which have hairs on it), and it didn’t pull my hairs…how did you rinse the toothpaste that csuse you a pain? or did you leave the toothpaste until it really dried? That’s not a good idea (leaving the toothpaste to dry)

  3. I use toothpaste for minor burns also. I leave it to dry and then rinse it off….it probably accumulates to a couple hours. I find that the burn heals better than if I used anything else and with NO scarring. I would not use toothpaste for sunburns or chemical burns or anything serious. I would advise use with burns acquired with curling irons, pots and pans, ovens, clothes iron, stuff like that.

  4. I recently read on MSN.com that toothpaste will also help clear up blemishes. I’ve been trying it now for a few days and it really does seem to be helping!

  5. thats grt!!
    i always use it or any burns.

    Do u know?toothpaste is very good for removing stains from jwellery be it gold or silver…also stones on them.

    it’s also can used for cleaning nails.
    try them out..i have experienced…it works.

  6. thats stupid. its the running water which is working for you not the toothpaste. you probably just developed a phobia now where only toothpaste can heal your burns, because you use it so often.

  7. don’t ever said its stupid if you never tried it yourself… many people around the world have tried it and its working well for them!

  8. I always use toothpaste for burns from the kitchen. White toothpaste works best. The other colored toothpastes do not stop the pain and may even cause more pain because of the mint in them. I spread a thick coat of white toothpaste on the burn then place a layer of tissue over it to keep from getting toothpaste everywhere. I leave it on overnight and do not get it wet. You can’t let air or water get to it for several. I let it stay on for at least 12 hours then I wash it off gently. No pain-no blister-no scar.

  9. Have you ever been hit in the chin with a flaming marshmallow? I’d love to know what to do.

  10. When I was a child, I picked up a glass salt shaker on my grandmother’s gas stove after she had cooked. I burnt my palm and all my fingers. She ran and got her crest toothpaste and started applying a thick layer all over my hand. It took the burn out immediatley and there was no blistering or scarring. I’m a firm believer in this remedy and still use toothpaste for minor burns on myself and my children. It works!

  11. it does help but, it shouldn’t be left to dry overnight because it can cause sever iritation to the skin. Such as rash or chemical burn that will become very tender and red and my start flaking after the second day. Trust me I had to lean the hard way!

  12. yes its true

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