How to Prepare for Long Term Crisis Survival

Are you and your family prepared to survive a long term crisis, such as a new Great Depression? Here are some ways to prepare for an economic crisis.

The recent economic crisis reminded us how fragile the world economy is. This time it appears that we pulled back from the brink of a new Great Depression and are finally on the road to recovery. What happens if we see another major downturn? It is unlikely that world governments can borrow enough money to stimulate the economy once more. In the event of a worldwide second Great Depression how would you and your family survive?

Making Your Home Self Sufficient

There are a number of things that you can do to make your home self sufficient and also more eco friendly at the same time. One thing you can do to ensure that you have drinking water in the event of an emergency is to install a rainwater collection system or cistern. For emergency water storage the tank should be at least 500 gallons. You can capture water from your gutters and use it to water your plants and lawn in good times and to supply your family during a crisis. Install an inexpensive carbon filter to remove debris and add one quarter cup of Clorox bleach to 500 gallons of water to purify it.

Food Storage

To prepare your family to survive a crisis you should always have at least six months food on hand. Store perishable items such as flour in large Ziploc bags inside of locking bins or trash cans. Dry food items such as pasta and beans can last for years when sealed. Be sure to protect your stored food from pests such as mice.

A dry closet can be converted to an emergency food storage locker. Make sure that canned foods are kept dry and up off of concrete floors so that the can’s seams do not rust. Discard any leaking or swollen cans and don’t keep canned food longer than a couple of years.

Communications For a Crisis Situation

For long term crisis survival you should have some kind of communications gear. GMRS two way radios will work for several miles and can be used by family members. SSB CB radios are also an effective way to keep in touch should phone networks become disrupted. See SSB CB Radios, Not Just For Truckers”

Have A Crisis Survival Plan

There are many scenarios that could force a city into chaos. Every part of the country has it’s own local hazards that could cause a long term crisis brought on by a natural disaster. As hurricane Katrina showed us, an entire city can be destroyed in a matter of hours. Have a relocation plan and a survival pack ready in case you must move to another part of the country. Have a pre-arranged meeting place planned in the event that communications break down.

While no one wants to think of a long term crisis situation happening it should always be somewhere in the back of your mind. Have plans and gear ready to deal with such an instance should it occur.

For more on preparedness for an urban disaster see Peakoilstories, Urban Disaster Scenarios

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