Eight Things to Do When the Power Goes Out

Have you ever been stuck in those situations where you had no idea what to do because the electricity was gone? have you ever wondered what other people did with no power?

Many people enjoy electricity; this includes computers, television, lights, video games, etc. When the power goes out, you may not know what to do. Many people are unable to do anything when the power goes out, and are therefore unable to have fun. This can change soon because there are actually eight fun things to do when the power goes out.

Hide and Go Seek

Hide and go seek is a little boring, but when you turn out the lights it gets fun. All you need is a flashlight and you are ready to play hide and go seek in your house. Another fun thing to do with a flashlight is play flashlight tag. The person “it” has a flashlight and tries to find you, and then tag you.


Many families do not spend enough time talking about stuff. At dinner tables, there are not many times when the table is full and everyone is talking to everyone. It is very important to be close to your family because many times when I speak to people, they tell me stories about how families are broken apart, how parents dislike their children, and how children dislike their parents. Talking can always be a fun way to pass time quickly while the power is out.

Play Board Games

Board games are a very fun way to pass time. Many board games have been made into computer games, but don’t you miss the original games themselves? Games like Risk, Monopoly, and Clue are all great choices for you and your family to play. A way to make it more fun is to play in candle light.


Light candles. Candles are always a fun way to light up the house. You can do many activities in candle light, but my favorite part of them is the way they light up the house and how beautiful it looks.


The most easy way to pass time is to read a book. Take that book that you have been dying to read, but never had time for it.


Do you have a deadline for something that needs to be done? Is it homework for school or work that your boss has told you to do? Do you need to type a paper? If so, right it by hand. Right your thoughts on a piece of paper and then when the power comes on, you will be well on your way to finishing the paper. If you need research, go to a library and research through books.

Cards in Candle Light

Have I mentioned that I love candle light? Well a perfect way of using that light is to play cards. There are so many different games you can play with cards that you could be up for hours waiting for the power to come back, but having fun.

Listen to Your I pod

If you have an I pod, this is a great time to listen to it. Assuming it is charged, the battery of an I pod will definitely last long enough to pass time until you need to go to sleep. If you do not have an I pod, you can play a hand held gaming device, PSP, Nintendo DS, or any others.

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  1. thats some good ideas

  2. Looking at candlelight is far from a fun game. Keep digging for ideas.

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