2012 Survival- Why I Bought Property in Michigan

Are you concerned about the year 2012? Many people are. It’s better to be safe than sorry. What will you do?

There has been much discussion of doom and gloom over the year 2012.  Some people say they won’t worry about it there is nothing they can do or whatever will happen will happen.   Skeptics say nothing happened with Y2k!  I say it’s better to be safe than sorry.  If there is anything I can do, then I will.

I’ve seen books on special ships that people are building for this upcoming event.  You can find these books at Barnes Noble and the library.

If you are looking for a safe place there are maps online and this seems to be the most informative site


Since I don’t have the resources to build one of these survival boats, I personally have purchased some property in Michigan since the majority of Michigan is shown to survive.  See the map:  


There are other reasons I purchased in Michigan.  Now is the time while the economy is in the crapper.  Michigan property is cheap.  I got my safe zone for a song and dance.  You might find better deals in other states but Michigan’s economy is really hurting. 

People ask me what happens if nothing happens in 2012 and you are stuck with a piece of Michigan land you don’t need or want.  My answer is that I’m not stuck with it.  You can purchase property in Michigan right now for the best prices ever.  Eventually, the price of land will rebound and I can resell the property for profit.

The other reasons I chose to purchase in Michigan aside from the safe zones include a reasonable cost of living, numerous cultural benefits, a vast supply of recreational places to visit, the climate (seasonal changes), and the opportunity for growth.  Meaning Michigan is putting it’s best foot forward to invest in green energy.  This could be the next boom, just like the automobile.

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  1. I live in st.louis mi. Hopefully ill be safe

  2. Amanda, if you view the map I think you’ll be fine.

  3. what about battle creek mi? Its cutting it close. But i think it will be fine. what do you think?

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