Top Six Uses for Tissue Paper

Trying to think of ways to reuse tissue paper from gift bags? Try these fun and useful alternatives!

With the advent of gift bags, wrapping a present the “old-fashioned” way is almost a thing of the past. It is so much more convenient to just drop a present in a gift bag and cover it with tissue paper. No more sizing, cutting, taping and then still having a present look like it was wrapped by a hyper-active monkey. Gift bags look neat and clean and always pretty, and can be reused. However, the tissue paper tucked inside is not always reusable for another gift bag, after time it gets crinkled or torn and does not look as fresh and pretty as it does when it comes out of the package.

But, there is no need to throw it away. In this day and age where everyone is trying to save a penny or two and use products in a new way, tissue paper is no exception. Before you toss out that old tissue paper no longer pretty enough for a gift, think of these alternatives:

  1. Packing Tissue: if mailing a package, wrap the object in tissue paper for extra padding or just tuck it in and around the objects being mailed to help fill in the box and provide extra cushion for mailing or hand-delivered packages.
  2. Children’s Crafts: Give young children a pile of colorful tissue paper, some glue and construction paper and they will be occupied for awhile. Tissue paper is great because it is colorful, it is semi-transparent so colors can be layered and bottom colors will still show through creating interesting effects. It is also easy to work with and can be twisted or crumpled for 3D effects. Plain cardboard boxes can be purchased and covered with tissue paper for a neat keepsake box. Stained glass windows can also be made with black construction paper and tissue paper.
  3. Shoe Shaper: Worried about your shoes losing shape in between wearing? Stuff tissue paper into the toes to help keep their shape. Stores do this with a thicker style of paper, but at home tissue paper works great.
  4. Scrapbooking of Card Embellishment: I have used tissue paper as a background for photos in a scrapbook. Crumpled up, smoothed back out and glued onto the page of a scrapbook tissue paper adds a very neat effect. It can be torn on the sides for a rough look or cut with edging scissors. With such diversity of colors, any scrapbook aficionado is sure to find a color that matches their current theme. Smaller shapes can be torn and glued to plain note cards or greeting cards to add embellishment to homemade cards.
  5. Decoupage Bottles/Vases: With a little white glue, a paint brush, water and clean bottle, tissue paper can be used to decorate a bottle or plain vase. Water the glue down and then paint it onto the bottle. Tear pieces of tissue paper and overlap the pieces on the bottle. Another coat of glue to help it stick, and when the bottle is dry a clear coat of varnish ensures its durability. Try overlapping the same color for darker hues, or overlapping different colors for a neat effect.
  6. Tissue Paper Flowers: For those of us who can’t keep real flowers alive, tissue paper flowers are a great way to add a floral look without the hassle. Cut or tear circles out of the tissue paper (at least 6 inches radius), layer the pieces and then pinch in the center. Twist the paper to form a bloom on one end and a twisted short “stem” on the other. Green pipe cleaners twisted around the pinched off end make a great stem so the flowers can be placed in a vase. Or, without the pipe cleaners the flowers can be taped or glued onto a box, picture frame or bulletin board for decoration.

So, next time you find yourself swimming in extra tissue paper, try one of these fun alternatives before tossing it in the garbage. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. hey I liked your paper flowers idea lol. I made some and geve them to my girlfriend she laughed and said it was very cute some that never die. so thanks for that. oh and if you like poems you should look at some of my work alot of people say i got a gift to touch peoples hearts with my poems. but you should take a look and read a couple. well if you like and want to add me as a friend that would be great!!! take care god bless.

  2. Glad that the paper flowers worked for you! :-) I will take a look at your poems.

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