Tips on How to Live in Your Car

Are you thinking about living in your car? Are you wondering how you would do it? Here are some helpful tips from my own personal experience.

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You would be surprised now days at how many people are living in their cars either, because they are forced to or by choice.  The economy has left many folks having to re-think their financial strategies and apparently, renting is low on the list of priorities.

You may have some warning that your finances are about to end, or you might be going through a divorce and have no place to stay.  Living in your car may be by choice because you are tired of giving 70% of your income away to some bank or property owner, and you want to save your money for yourself.

I have made a list of helpful hints.  This list comes from my experience of living in my car for the past 2 years.


If you are in the position where you can plan, prepare and make a smooth transition from an apartment or home into your car then you will be that much more ahead.  If not, then you will have to make do with what you have already.

Obviously, a Van, RV or SUV is ideal for the type of car that is more comfortable.  I slept in the passenger seat of my STS Cadillac for the first year and then traded it in for an FJ Cruiser SUV and the difference was so much more comfortable.

Space inside your car is extremely limited so you will have to scale down to nothing but the essentials and keep just what you need.  You can survive very well carrying a week’s worth of clothes, toiletries, laundry soap and three plastic containers and a cooler. Keep your clean clothes in one container, dirty clothes in the other and the rest of your supplies in the last one and the cooler to keep dry food and water.    

Mental preparedness

It may be difficult not to think of yourself as a loser.  You are not a loser.  Society has judged the homeless very unfairly because they do not know the reasons, why that person is in the situation they are in.

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  1. crazy, no way, I don’t see myself this desperate to live in my car..i’d rather at least rent a trailer home.

  2. Hi Jimmy,

    thank you for your comment and feed back. You are right, it is crazy… But this is my point in the article that whether or not you have a choice, what would you do and how far would you go to survive?

    There are many out there who take the cowardly way out when times get tough, not me I chose to live in my car.
    Like you said, I hope one day I can upgrade to something bigger and better and I’m sure I will.

    Take care, Scott

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