The Art of Decorating with Candy

Would you like to add a whimsical touch to your home? Try decorating with candy. Here’s how.

Are you a candy lover? Why not express your love of candy by creating whimsical home décor out of sweet treats? Candy is inexpensive to purchase and can add an eclectic touch to almost any room in your house. Some of the best candies for creating home décor are hard candies in different colors, but you don’t have to stop there. Candy hearts, candy canes, wrapped miniature chocolate bars, and lollipops can be used to craft decorative home apparel. Here are some unique ideas for decorating with candy:

Decorate with candy: Make a candy wreath

Hard candies and miniature chocolate bars can be used to create a sweet wreath for your front door. All you’ll need for this project are individually wrapped candies, a coat hanger or wreath form, some ribbon, a hot glue gun and some scissors. Hard candies come in a variety of colors which will give you lots of potential wreath variations. For complete instructions on how to make a simple candy wreath, read this article.

Decorate with candy: Make a whimsical flower pot.

This project is lots of fun. Buy a simple earthenware flower pot from your craft or gardening store. Lightly sand it to smooth the surface. Paint it with two coats of your desired color and apply a spray glaze to add additional shine and protect the finish. Along the rim of the ceramic pot, glue hard candies that coordinate with the color you painted your pot. After your flower pot is complete, insert your soil and plant. Now glue a piece of hard candy to a painted popsicle stick and stick it into the soil to complete the candy theme. You can even use a lollipop as a plant stick.

Decorate with candy: Layered candy vases

Buy some clear vases from your local craft store. Choose some colorful hard candies from your favorite candy store. Layer the bottom of the clear vase with a layer of hard candies in a single color. Once that layer is complete, add a second layer of candy in a color that complements the first. Keep adding layers until you reach the top of the vase.

Decorate with candy: Display bowls of candy

Clear bowls filled with colorful candy make fun decorations in and of themselves, plus you can offer them to your guests when they visit. There’s something warm and homey about discovering a bowl of candy at a house you’re visiting. Try to keep the type of candy you offer consistent with the décor of your home. If your home is decorated with antiques and nostalgia, choose some of the nostalgic candies such as rock candy to display in your bowls. Around the holidays, add candy canes and red and white peppermints to your bowls and colorful hearts in February.

Decorate with candy: Make a hanging candy ornament.

Purchase a styrofoam ball from your local craft store. Glue a piece of ribbon in a loop to the top of the ball with a low temperature glue gun for hanging your ornament once completed. Now you can cover your styrofoam ball with hard candies using your low temperature hot glue. Hang it from a door knob in your house or anywhere else that strikes your fancy.

Decorate with candy: Create a candy picture frame.

Buy a simple wooden frame from your local craft store or dollar store. Paint it the color of your choice. Glue hard candies onto the frame using a hot glue gun to add a whimsical touch. Get really creative and glue on some bold lollipops for an explosion of color. Spray with an acrylic sealer to protect the surface. This would be adorable for a child’s room. Make sure your child is old enough to know not to eat the candy.

Decorating with candy can be loads of fun and it’s a great way to add a touch of warmth and humor to your home. Why not see what candy décor can do for your house?

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