Step by Step Procedure to Create Your Own Wind Turbine

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Most of us are concerned about the ever increasing electricity bills that creep up every month. Though people are aware of the advantages of generating their own electricity, they are not really aware of the detailed procedures to make their own wind turbine for generating power and saving resources. Though lots how to make a wind turbine guide are available in the nearby stores, all these do not clearly convey the content and only eat up your money. So if you are really interested in making your own wind turbine, you must first understand what these really mean.

What are wind turbines?

Wind turbines are nothing but windmill that generate power. Though improvement in technology could enhance the features of these windmills the overall process remains the same. The main components of the windmill include a wind propeller, a tower and battery for storing the power generated by the propeller. This method of producing electricity is purely natural as it does not cause any pollution. This is one of the reasons that you might have seen these micro wind turbines even in residential area. This method is also effective in the sense that it uses the power of wind that is available in plenty and is not of the non-exhaustible resource.

Now lets us take a look at how to make a wind turbine.

Now that you have got the basics of what is wind turbine is, it is high time that you must know how to make your own wind turbine. The budget for creating a simple micro wind turbine would be at least $140. The things you need to construct a wind turbine are, pipe fittings, a motor or a generator, conduit, a long pipe to connect the blades, power cable, electronic parts, relay, paint, battery and an inverter. Once these parts are available in hand, you could easily create your wind turbine by following the how to make wind turbine guide.

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  1. nice post

  2. I think, that people must do something about our Planet. We all need to do our part so we can leave a safe world for our children.
    In essence, what we have to do is minimize all activities that produce greenhouse gas emissions.
    Where possible, find alternative sources of energy that do not generate CO2 emissions such as solar,water, wind, and many moreā€¦And good step is, to make own solar panels or wind generators…

    Bee Green, Save the Planet

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