Sofa or Double Decker Bed

Guess you will like this idea.

(image : unknown, from Japan again)

Nowadays life is getting tough

Money and space not enough

But now you may save a little

As someone has a great idea

Buy two for the price of one

Also add on to some kind of fun

Two relatives staying from other side

Suddenly visit and want to stay overnight

After watching TV, tell them it’s enough to sit

Time to fold sofa so that they can sleep

Uncle upper deck, aunty lower deck

This kind of kind gesture where to get

When they go home bed becomes sofa again

Or you prefer it to be bed, so the bed will remain


My most recent : ^_^

Liked it

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  1. good attempt

  2. Nice to know this household system, really space-conservation style. Good article.

  3. great! If I had one of those I’d be making poems all day

  4. A double deck sofa. Now that is something new to me. :)

  5. That’s really interesting piece

  6. good share

  7. I have never seen a double decker sofa but it is certainly a space saver. I loved the poem.

  8. yeah I saw the add … hehee nice write

  9. “Uncle upper deck, aunty lower deck” – this line in particular just makes me laugh. LOL.

  10. I know a sofa bed but this one is quite different from it :)

  11. Star, that’s wonderful. Very transformers feel. I hope to have this one in my room. :D

  12. I am planning to buy one to safe space and budget.

  13. Rather useful.

  14. This is so space saving.

  15. Never seen that before.

  16. Cool!

  17. Very pleasant sofa / double decker bed.

  18. interesting write

  19. a very bright idea!

  20. haha, nice one. Though, looks dangerous. Falling off the upper part during sleep seems easy …

  21. Your poem was great. I would love to have a couch like that. You could lay on it or turn it into a bed.

  22. Great, no doubt about it. What about a fly over, so you do not climb down?

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