Simple Truck Camper Bed Frame

You do not need an expensive RV to go camping. It is possible to camp in your pickup truck camper shell if you build a bed frame over your wheel wells.

Figure A

You will need:

2 by 4 stock lumber

1/4″ plywood sheets

Tape measure

Table saw or circular saw

Box of 2″ long, 1/8″ diameter sheetrock screws

Power drill, 1/16″ drill bit

Matress or futon

Step One: Cut 1/4″ plywood sheets to fit the dimensions of your pickup truck bed.

Step two: Cut 2 by 4 stock lumber to the same height as the wheel wells, to make bed supports.

Step Three: Lay your plywood over the bed supports as shown in Figure A. Drill pilot holes with a 1/16″ diameter bit.

Step Four: Assemble your bed frame with 2″ long, 1/16″ diameter sheetrock screws, wood screws or nails.

Step Five: Put a mattress or futon on top of the bed frame. Use the space underneath the frame to store your camping gear and supplies. Due to the limited space, your own body heat will keep you warm in all but the coldest weather, as long as you use an alpine-rated sleeping bag.

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