Separating Stuck Together Photographs

How to separate photographs that have become stuck together.

Do you have two photos that are stuck together? Do not pull them apart or try to slice something between them to get them apart. The photographic process is a water-based process. Soak the two photos in a warm water bath for a few moments and then gently try to separate the photos. If they remain stuck, allow them to soak a bit longer. Do not force the separating process.

The emulsion of the photographs is more sensitive when wet so try to avoid rubbing or scratching the surface. The emulsion actually turns into a gel like layer on the photograph and it is soft and sensitive to the touch.

Once your photographs are separated, allow them to dry on a paper towel apart from each other. Place the face up on the toweling so that nothing will dry attached to the surface of your photograph.

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  1. I forgot to add that the water will change the color of the photos but they will dry back to their normal colors.

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