Remove Ink Stains with Hand Sanitizer and Four Other Uses for It

As you know, hand sanitizer is great for killing germs on hands. Did you know that you could also use it for other things as well? You can find out what other ways you can use hand sanitizer in this article.

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I use hand sanitizer all of the time to kill germs.  I use it constantly to keep from getting colds.  I don’t get colds that often because I wash my hands and I use hand sanitizer.  Did you know that hand sanitizer can be useful for other things as well?  I was experimenting with the hand sanitizer to see how useful it can be for other things.  I found out that I could use it to do other things too.  I will list them here.

Remove Ink Stains Off Hands
When I’m writing my articles, I write them in long hand before I type them up.  I usually get a lot of ink on my hands because I’m lucky enough to use a leaky pen.  Washing my hands doesn’t always get all of the ink off of them.  I experimented with hand sanitizer and I was surprised that it took the ink off of my hands.  The hand sanitizer worked better at getting the ink stains off than soap and water did.  It worked rather quickly.  Now I know what I have to do whenever I get ink on my hands. I will grab my hand sanitizer.

Remove Small Stains From Clothes
Sometimes I get spots on my clothes and can’t get them off.  I dab hand sanitizer on the spot and the spot goes away.  You can use it the way you would use Spray N Wash by rubbing the clothes together after you put the sanitizer on it.  I should warn you that you should test a small spot on your clothes first to make sure that it doesn’t mess up your clothes.  It’s not supposed to be used for clothes so it may stain them if you don’t test it first. I’m not trying to suggest that hand sanitizer is a substitute for washing your clothes.  This tip is for when you need to remove a small stain in a pinch.

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  4. Some really gr8 uses of hand sanitizers.

  5. that was a really great article to read, cheryl. i did not know that sanaizer had other uses aswell. this article is an eye-opener and after reading this, i can apply these uses aswell. thanks very much for sharing. i really liked it all very much.

  6. thank you for your tips to use hand sanitizer for many things.

  7. Thanks for these tips. I always carry a small bottle with me. I didn’t know it had so many uses.

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  14. Useful info. Do you have to apply on your legs as well to repel the mosquitoes?

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  17. I should have hand sanitizers in the different rooms of our house.

  18. This is a very useful article. Thanks for the advice. Working with papers and files throughout the day, I often find myself with black ink all over my hands. You are right. No matter how often you wash your hands, it doesn’t come off. I will remember to use hand sanitizer next time it happens. And for those tough stains on our clothes. Hopefully, it will remove ketchup and makeup.

  19. I am not a germ-a-fobe but stain and ink removal caught my attention. Thanks for the tips about hand sanitizer.

  20. This is great CA..I carry hand sanitizer every where, and your tips are just fantastic to know!

  21. excellent, I all the while thought hand sanitzer is for hands only, good to know these tips from you.

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  23. Actually, the ink stain on your hands and clothes were a blessing in disguise or else you would have not thought of sharing this over here :)

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  26. Thank you. I intend to try your idea on a table which strikes me as a writing table which collects ink from pens.

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  29. Very nice! Did you also know you can use hand sanitizers to start fire when you’re camping or lost? Add that to your list, definitely liked this one. Visit me as well would love to be your friend.

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  32. CA, thanks for the same great ideas for alternative ways to use hand sanitizer. I use it to wipe down my work area at work, but then that is killing germs too! We work so close to one another you have to be careful about the spreading of germs.

  33. Thanks a lot! My daughter can now get the ink of her worlds best aunt shirt. My daughter uses tons of hand sanitizer after her therapist suggested she use it instead of washing her hands because he hand were like sandpaper from washing them so much. Great article and well written.

  34. i like this article so much that i came back to have another read and leave my comments. hand sanitizer really is a wonderful stain remover. it can really help us all out whenever we are in various circumstances outside. a really enjoyable read. thanks very much again, cheryl for sharing. :)

  35. I keep my own personal bottle on my desk at work as well as a small bottle in my purse, but there are huge bottles stationed in various areas all around my office building. Good to know it has more than one use. :)

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  38. I use it to remove Magic Marker stains from glossy paper.

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