Refrigerator is Running But, Not Cooling. Fan in Freezer is Not Running

Refrigerator compressor is running but the fan in the freezer is not. This causes a warm fresh food compartment.

You can hear the compressor running. You have cleaned the coils and there is no defrost issues in the freezer. You hold down the light button (this is optional), and you can not hear the fan in the freezer running. This most likely means the evaporator fan motor is not operating. Usually the bearings wear out causing the motor to seize up. You will need to get the model number and purchase the part at your local appliance parts retailer. To install the part you will need to unplug the unit. Clear all the food and shelving from the freezer section. If you have a top mount freezer you will also need to remove ice maker. To remove the ice maker remove two screws above the ice mold and in some cases one below the ice mold. Lower the  ice maker and unplug the connector. The next step is to remove the screws to the back panel. With the screws out tip the panel toward you and unplug the connector and remove the ground wire. Remove the panel. Weather the fan is mounted to the panel you removed or on the back wall of the freezer the next steps are basically the same. Remove the fan bracket holding the fan motor to the panel or back wall. After removing the fan from the housing, note the position of the wires. This is important so that the wires will not be in the way of the fan blade and will reach the plug when you reinstall it. Remove the fan blade. Remove the bracket across the front holding the fan. Remove the old fan motor from the bracket assembly. When installing the new fan motor make sure the rubber grommets are reinstall on the new fan motor. There is one on the back and one on the front of the fan. These are important. They hold the fan securely in place and dampen the vibration during operation. Reinstall the brackets and secure it back into the housing. Install the assembly back on to the panel or the back wall. Put the back panel in the freezer and tip it so that you can connect the plug and attach the ground wire. Position the panel and reinstall the screws. If you removed the ice maker you can now reinstall it. To install ice maker: partially install the two upper screws. Plug the ice maker in and slip the two upper slots on the icemaker over the screws. Make sure the fill tube is in the fill cup on the back of ice maker. Tighten the screws and install the lower screw, if you had one. Plug the unit back in. If done correctly you now have a working refrigerator. Congratulations. If you need additional help you may contact us at Face book under Melissa Martin or Triple R

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