Painting Clouds on a Ceiling

Learning to relax with a cloud painted ceiling. Do it yourself advice on creating clouds on a ceiling. Using resources from a home improvement store to paint clouds.

Looking at clouds has always been relaxing and tends to create a mood of calmness and serenity.  Wow, is that something that is needed in today’s fast paced world!  As people rush from place to place with an electronic device in their hand, it is very important to find some time in the day to relax into a sense of calmness.  A cloud painted ceiling in a room can be a tool to create the mood for regaining a balance in a fast paced world.


Painting clouds on a ceiling is not that difficult and can be done on a budget.  The first step is to really look at clouds and see the details.  Capture a few pictures to use as a guide or check out a book at the library to see the intricacy of clouds from a new perspective.  Then, decide if you want a clear blue sky with a few clouds or a hazy day cloud scene.


Once the general mood is determined simply paint the ceiling a shade of blue that suits the desired mood selected.  Use a clear bright blue or a soft subdued blue to go create the backdrop.  It is a good idea to use a matte latex based paint so cleaning up is easy.  Next, take a piece of chalk and sketch the irregular shape of clouds at random on the ceiling.  Do not measure and make them exact and detailed.  Instead, make random sizes and shapes.  Then paint the clouds in soft shades of grey and white.  Start with white paint with a few drops of black added to the mixture to dull the severity of the white.  Then as the painting progresses, add some blue and even soft green to the mix to make the clouds different hues of white.  Paint the clouds with a natural sea sponge to avoid brush marks and create the look of layered shades of clouds. No cloud should be all one color.  Instead, use the sponge to layer the green, blue, and white to create a multicolored shade of white.


Last, take an eggshell grey/white glaze and gently wipe over the entire ceiling.  A glaze can be purchased from any paint store and is easy to use.  Use a soft cloth to wipe it on in random circles to create a soft haze on the entire ceiling.  This tends to blend the clouds and sky into a soft pattern.


After the job is complete, it is always a great idea to take a break on the floor and simply gaze into the sky on the ceiling.  Make touchups anywhere that seem harsh and blend into a soft break between clouds and sky.  Then, take advantage of the newly created masterpiece and learn to relax each day!

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