More Ways to Freeze Beer

This is a very effective way to cool down or freeze beer in seconds.

As a friendly “counter” to
How to Freeze a Beer in Just Two Minutes
, I am going to make it short and sweet.

On the subject of beer (depending on the type of beer), cool to very cold is the usual way to serve it, unless you want “beer sickles.” However, if you must, the following method can freeze your beer or just about anything else you wish to freeze, it just depends on the exposure time. For example, if you are out side in zero degree weather for
a few hours you’ll need some “thaw time;” where as if you are out for a few minutes (you get the picture).

Here we go: you will need a pack of beer (bottles or cans), a 5lb CO2 fire extinguisher, and gloves. Put the beer in a cooler, hold the CO2 fire extinguisher nozzle (or hose) about 3 feet away from the beer, and operate the extinguisher. You will find that the result is sometimes achieved in SECONDS!

Note: This is highly effective, but caution and safety should be exercised. For those of you who don’t know, CO2 has a pressure of about 850psi at 70 degrees (F). It also comes out at about 109 degrees BELOW ZERO (F)! This is extremely cold, and you should wear gloves around these temps. (Your beer will not reach -109F). Also if you are going to try this, make sure you know positively what type of fire extinguisher you have, and be sure you know how to operate it. (You would be shocked to know how many people DON’T HAVE A CLUE when it comes to a fire extinguisher).

One more very important tip: CO2 typically generates about 10,000 volts of static electricity,
so make sure to use an extinguisher that is in good condition.

That’s it. Have fun, and be careful.

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  1. Very good article, it is a perfect… lest say… “reloded” second part of my article. I know it will have a great succes, just as mine did.

    Keep the hard work!


  2. Be careful, that much CO2, in an enclosed space may displace enough oxygen for you to pass out.

  3. CO2 is far too expensive to use this way unless you are getting the fire extinguishers with a three finger discount, not to mention the increase in carbon footprint, the impact on the environment, global warming, polar ice melting and your own turning into a alcoholic.
    There is a far cheaper way to do this, check with my article Cooling Soft Drinks and Beer for Picnics, the cost is only a few cents above doing it the conventional way.

  4. My family has owned and operated a fire extinguisher company since 1969, and we have had more than a few service calls to industrial plants and maintenance facilities, because of some of the employees cooling down their beer with a CO2 fire extinguisher. I don’t think they had global warming on their mind. It would take A LOT of CO2 fire extinguishers discharging to make a significant difference in that respect. Thanks for the comment. By the way, I personally just use a refrigerator, or a cooler full of ice to keep my beer cold.

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