Mobile Home Floor Repair

Repairing mobile home floors. How-to remove and install. Steps to framing in new floor.

When using saws, hammers, chisels, etc. follow the tool manufacturer’s safety procedures. Where goggles follow the tools guidelines, lets keep our eyes and all our body parts as they were.

Most mobile homes consist of only one floor layer, that is on top of the floor joists. The first step is to peel back the carpet or floor covering. Put down lines that are square with the floor joists and that cover the entire area to be replaced. Set your saw to a depth a sixteenth of an inch deeper than the floor board. Saw out the bad floor using the lines you have put down as a guide. You will need to chip the old floor out if it is under a wall. Remove the bad floor. Then clean the top of the floor joists so they are flat.

Now the bad floor is removed, and you have a square hole. Frame in between the floor joists with two by fours. Install the two by fours so that the edge of the old floor is supported by half of the edge of the two by four, and the new floor board edge will be supported by the other half of the two by four. Remember all edges of the floor boards should be supported by two by fours or floor joists. Screw in the two by fours you add with screws ran through the ends at an angle, so they go through the two by into the floor joists.

When the framing is done. Clean the framework so there will be no humps in the new floor board. Your new floor boards should come out of plywood as close to the same thickness of the existing floor as possible. If needed add shim stock to the top of the framework to raise the new floor boards to be flush with the existing floor. Use floor filler to even up any non flush areas. Cut your new floor boards and set them in place. Secure the floor to the framework, one screw at your toe and one at your heel on long runs. Secure all the corners.

Now the floor is repaired, clean all the debris from the area. Reinstall the floor covering. This may also be a good time to install new floor covering. I will cover floor covering in an article of its own.

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  1. Thanks so much for the helpful info. I was a little unsure on how to do my floor, but now I think I can take it from here. Thanks to this site.



  2. What if the floor repair needs to go under my door frame I.E bathroom?

  3. My power chair made our floor weak in our home and I was told by a freind to call Guardians.
    Guardians Circle of Care Durable Medical Equipment Company in Columbus Ohio repaired our floors and they did a very nice clean job.

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