Make Your Own Plant Pots

Stop spending large amounts of money on those tiny plant pots to raise seedlings. You can be much more environmentally friendly by making your own.

Many gardeners hate having to go to the garden centre to buy those tiny little plant pots that you need when the plants are still very small. These often only last one growing season as they are made from very flimsy plastic. An easy way to stop this continual expense is to make your own.

There are two ways you can make your own plant pots, the first is aimed at plants when they are tiny. All you need is the inner of a toilet roll (the cardboard inner only). If you want a bottom to this plant pot, then you can push a tiny piece of paper in to the bottom to stop anything falling out. Otherwise that is it. Stand your toilet roll inner on a tray and fill it with compost and put your plant or seed in to it. This particular method is excellent if you are planting straight out doors once the plant gets a little bigger, as the pot is biodegradable. The other benefit is, if you leave the bottom unplugged the roots can find their way out in to the soil around them quite easily, leaving the plant to happily grow to a lovely size with a good root system established.

The second method which is slightly more time consuming, although perhaps not as expensive, is to use newspaper. The wonderful thing about this method is you can make the pot to any size you wish, and then continue making bigger pots until your plant has reached the size you require. This method however, is probably not a brilliant way for very large plants, as the paper will disintegrate after a few waterings and larger plants won’t stay contained for long, but for plants being raise to put in the garden this is fine.

You need to find a pot, dish or other object about the size of the pot you wish to make. Grab a couple of sheets of news paper and simply wrap them around the bowl and secure in to place (try using masking tape as this is biodegradable). Then fold the edges of the bottom in, making sure any holes are covered, and secure in place again. When finishing the pot on the bottom try to make it as even as possible, so your pot doesn’t fall over once you’ve completed it. Then take the pot off the mold you have been using and fold the top edge over a little for neatness.

There you have it, a handy newspaper plant pot, which can cost you nothing if you ask your family and friends to keep hold of old newspapers for you. What is even better is that these pots are environmentally friendly, and if you choose to plant the pot with your plant in it, the plant will happily grown in it and the pot will biodegrade.

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  2. I love this idea too!!

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