Insanely Easy Gifts You Can Make!

A collection of amazingly easy tutorials that are a proof that easy things can also be fabulous!

Its Christmas time and we all know that we have to spend some money to buy at least a small amount of gifts. But the less we spend, the better, isn’t it?

So I made up a collection of amazingly easy tutorials that are a proof that easy things can also be fabulous!

They are so easy that even children can make them (at least most of them) and you also don’t have to spend a lot of time on their execution. Time is money, so you can save twice! Furthermore, they are entertaining to create and you will enjoy the time producing objects that others will love to receive!

You will also see that new ideas will come up to you while watching these ones, and that you can change all them a little, creating different items from those shown here. It’s all a question of a little challenge to your imagination and creativity.

So let’s get crafty!

Create your own watercolor masterpiece with clip art and masking tape
This is a wonderful project that doesn’t require you to be perfect at painting. You’ll see that no matter where the paint splatters you just can’t mess it up!

3 D effect with hot glue
Inexpensive glass vases, tissue paper, Mod Podge and paint will turn a very cheap piece into a decorative and awesome flower display or decorative object.

Beachy Solar Apothecary Jar
With dollar store twine, hot glue sticks plus a cheap apothecary jar you can create a gorgeous and decorative gift

“Recipe” Dish Towel
This is awesome to create with kids but you can also do it yourself with a nice drawing and handwrite.

Decorative balls
Chose from a large amount of easy to make decorative balls you can display in group. Very easy to make with rather different materials they can be displayed on a bowl with a stunning effect. Go through all the posts in this page for a bunch of ideas.

Combine old wine glasses with toy cars and create your own hot-rod glassware
This is a cool idea for a gift for kids, but if you let your imagination go you can create a lot of glasses combining other items.

DIY Modern Art Plates
$1 Dollar Store plates and paint markers that’s all you need. There’s some beautifull designs to inspire you on the tutorial, but you can go for your own patterns and be creative or let your kids do it!

Big Ball Necklace
A very simple and stylish necklace you can make easily using pantyhose and rubber “bouncy” balls.

Etched Glass
Transform cheap glass finds into whimsical pieces by decorating them with monograms, stripes or polka dots.

Embellished Slippers
Buy some cheap slippers and decorate them with fabric, ribbons, sequins and beads to make lovely and useful gifts

Business-Card Cases
Very easy-to-make business-card cases with tutorial

Candle Slipcovers
Turn glass candleholders into stylish accessories by dressing them in decorative fabric

Woolen Pouches
Create a variety of attractive pouches using pieces of felted-wool sweaters. Hot-water-bottle covers, eyeglass cases, MP3 player cases are some of the ideas for pouches you will find here.

Sticky notes books or sticky notebooks
Make beautiful books using pads of sticky notes, scrapbook paper and a few other supplies. 

Fabulous notebook makeovers!
Easily dress up a couple of fun notebooks.

Covered bead necklace tutorial
With some fabric and cheap plastic or wooden beads create a nice piece of jewellery

Colorful Wristwear
A wristwear made with color pencils

Cast-Hand Craft
personalized cast-hand craft, a do-it-yourself gift that is sure to impress.

Cheap chic organizer boxes for craft supplies
old books, card stock and chalkboard paint will combine to create nice box containers

Earmuffs…because they’re cooler
decorate some cheap earmuffs and create unique and gorgeous ones!

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  6. These are great! I think I wouldn’t mind ordering some print, iron on paper from online to make my own dish towels and designs. My daughter has a website where she makes jewellery from horse tail hair and other horsey stuff. I bet we could sell dish towels with horse pics on on there! You got me thinking now!

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