How to Wash Your Walls Without Streaks

Have you ever tried to wash your walls and gotten streaks? Here is the secret behind washing your walls without leaving streaks or staining.

Do you find the walls in your house need a little TLC? Maybe you don’t want to paint but your wall would benefit from washing. Have you ever tried to wash your walls? Do you even know how to begin? Maybe you have never considered it. Or, maybe you just touch up the paint whenever you find a mark.

Well, washing your walls can add a bit of life to them. Clean off many of the scuffmarks and smears. And it can save you from having to paint your walls for at least the time being.

If you have tried to wash your walls or maybe a portion of the walls, did you find marks were left afterwards? Making you wonder if you used the right chemicals or did you go about it in the wrong manner? Maybe you’ve found yourself washing the same area again and again trying to remove the markings left by your washing?

The best solution to use for washing your walls is a mild almost sudsy mix that you do not have to remove by rinsing. This will save you additional work. You can use your favorite multipurpose soap or cleaning agent. Don’t use too much, you want the solution to be a majority of warm water with little or no suds.

Wash the entire wall from bottom to top. Read that again, from BOTTOM to top. This way, any drips will not stain an already dampened wall. This is the trick to cleaning your walls. It isn’t what you use but how you do it. If you work from the top down and drip or have dirt that travels, it will leave marks after drying that will not be removed with you washing them.

You can always try this in a small area first. Just remember to let the wall fully dry before you do your judging. Depending upon how you apply the washing mix, your wall may dry unevenly. Just be patient and let the entire area dry fully. If you like your results, then continue on. If not, it might be time to consider a new paint job.

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  1. Finally, someone that knows bottom to top washing keeps the streaks away. All painters know this tip or at least should. So many tips are given for top to bottom cleaning that it is clear that these people never cleaned a dirty wall.

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